It’s January, so we’re still gearing up for more harsh winter weather in the midwest. And you may now be thinking to yourself, “why haven’t I had a fireplace installed yet?” Fireplaces are such a cozy addition to any home, plus they double as both practical in the winter and as a design element. 

Prepare for next winter by planning your fireplace installation by Wyckoff now! We’ve rounded up some hot trends for 2023 to give you inspiration for your design. At Wyckoff, we can help you pick out your fireplace, install it, and perform routine maintenance.

frameless fireplace surrounded by stone

Frameless Fireplaces

This type of fireplace is usually surrounded by marble, stone, or tile to present a clean and trendy look. It’s a very linear, sharp style for a fireplace that lights up a room. A frameless fireplace can be designed as a single-sided element or as a see-through tunnel and it will look great as part of your entertainment system in the living room.

classic gas fireplace

Classic Gas Fireplaces

While wood fireplaces are still what most people consider traditional, gas fireplaces continue to become more and more popular. There is so much more freedom and flexibility to design a gas fireplace exactly how you want it to match your interior design. You can find gas fireplaces in rectangular or even smaller square shapes to fit in any space.

convertible fireplace in living room

Convertible Fireplaces

One of the biggest choices you have to make when picking out a fireplace is whether you want to burn gas or wood. Sealed glass fireplaces are convenient and safer if you have small children, but you may be missing out on the cozy feeling of stoking the flames of a wood fire. 

Well, convertible fireplaces give you the best of both worlds! They can be converted from wood to gas and vice versa. 

rustic fireplace

Rustic-Style Fireplaces

The cozy charm of a fireplace pairs perfectly with a rustic-style home. This type of fireplace is typically made with stones of all shapes, colors, and sizes to give it a unique look that stands out from the rest. The design also makes it into a stunning focal point to anchor a room and draw attention. Rustic-style fireplaces pair really well with hardwood floors and neutral accents.

four-sided glass fireplace

Four-Sided Glass Fireplaces

This trend may be a little more of an aspirational fireplace design than one we can all include in our next renovation. Four-sided glass fireplaces are see-through so that you can see the fire from any angle you look. This style is very popular in interior design right now and is great for minimalists who want something simple and sleek.

Plan Your New Installation with Wyckoff

Now that you have some inspiration, you can really get started planning your dream fireplace installation with Wyckoff. We’ll help advise you on style, type, and everything in between! We know there are so many benefits to this awesome home addition and we can’t wait to bring your design of choice to life. Call today to learn more and meet with our team!