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At Wyckoff, we like to help our customers in any way we can. Sometimes, HVAC problems can be solved quickly without the help of a technician. View some of our frequently asked questions to help save you time and money.

My Heater is Broken

When was the last time you cleaned your furnace filter? Dirty air filters are responsible for 90% of all furnace problems.

I Turned on My Heater, but It’s Blowing Cold Air

First, make sure your thermostat is set to heat. Next, check your thermostat to ensure the fan setting is set to “Auto” rather than “On”. Why? If your thermostat fan setting is set to “On”, the furnace blower will run even when your furnace isn’t heating the air.

I Think the Pilot Light is Out on My Gas Furnace

If your furnace is made after 1980, chances are you will not have a standing pilot that needs to be lit, and it could actually be an electrical problem. If you do have an older furnace, first try relighting the pilot light. If it stays on after your first attempt, your heating will be restored immediately. If the pilot lights initially, but will not hold a light, your thermocouple may need an adjustment. Contact a Wyckoff professional for assistance.

My AC is Broken

If your furnace switch is off, it will prevent your furnace or air conditioner from working properly. Check that the switch on the side of your furnace is on (it looks like a light switch). If that does not fix the problem, make sure electrical breakers have not tripped in your home.

My AC is not Blowing Out as Much Air as it Should

Check that your breaker has not tripped and that your furnace filter is cleaned. Both of these can result in an air conditioner not working properly. Next, examine the fan belts on your air conditioner’s outdoor system component for any excessive slack, damage, or breakage. These issues can cause low air flow which allows ice to form and results in low cooling performance.

Do I Need New Duct Work to Install Central Air?

If you are trying to upgrade to a new central air conditioning system, you may not need additional ductwork. However, it is recommended to have your ducts examined by a professional to see if any leaking is occurring. Contact Wyckoff today for an estimate!

How Much Does Furnace Repair Cost?

This varies on the furnace, home, and situation. However, Wyckoff services homes throughout Iowa for a standard service fee of $85 for residential and $125 for commercial. These fees cover our service trip and the amount of time it takes for our technician to troubleshoot and diagnose your HVAC problem. All repairs, replacements, etc. are quoted additionally following the diagnosis.

What if My AC Unit or Furnace Breaks Down on a Night, Holiday, or Weekend?

As homeowners ourselves, we know breakdowns can occur when we are least expecting it. Wyckoff Heating and Cooling offers 24 hour support to our central Iowa customers, all at no additional charge no matter the time of day or year. Contact our emergency line at 515-285-3111.

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