You may think it’s hard to beat a wood-burning fireplace’s ability to create a nice ambiance in your home with a warm, crackling fire that lets off a pleasant aroma. However, wood-burning fireplaces also require a large amount of maintenance, can be rather expensive, and release potentially harmful chemicals into your home from the soot and ash it creates. Don’t worry though, whether you are looking to replace your current wood-burning fireplace or are looking to install a brand new one in your home, here are some wonderful, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing options that will still allow you and your family to cuddle up by the fire this winter.


1. Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is perhaps the most convenient fireplace solution, as it requires no installation and only needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to start doing the job. On top of easy installation, it offers many other great benefits as well.


Since this option has no real flames and relies on electricity to operate, you can get the warmth that comes with fire minus the potentially toxic fumes. Electric fireplaces come with lighting and sculpted logs that aid in creating a realistic appearance without the messy residue.

Energy efficient

During winter, it’s too easy to raise your energy bill to due to turning up your thermostat. Electric fireplaces can work as a large space heater, keeping specific areas of your home warm without the help of your furnace. If your furnace is having issues delivering heat throughout your home, contact us about furnace service and repair solutions.

Easy installation

Your walls stay safe and you still get your fireplace. Setting up an electric fireplace is as easy as setting it near a wall and plugging it in so you can get the experience of a fire without the heavy remodeling. These are great options for families, couples, or individuals who are living in apartments or small homes.

Low maintenance

Forget the hassle of cleaning ash and soot from your chimney and fireplace in order for it to work properly. Since real wood is not being burned, the maintenance requirements for an electric fireplace are almost non-existent in order for it to run properly.


2. Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces offer the best of both worlds. Ceramic faux logs are designed to look incredibly realistic even including glowing embers, knots, and bark to increase their authenticity against electric fireplaces. Additionally, gas fireplaces are able to generate heat without burning real wood so you can still manage to avoid the soot, ash, and fumes that a wood-burning fireplace produces.

Convenient usage

Many gas fireplaces come with remotes that allow homeowners to start and stop flames with a touch of a button. Some even have timers to give users the ability to set how long the fireplace stays on.

Various installation options

With a wood-burning fireplace, you’re restricted on places to have the fireplace due to the chimney. Gas fireplaces offer more flexibility on their location so you can choose where it goes, whether that is in your living room, a master bedroom, or the basement family room.

Clean alternative

Natural gas does not leave harmful residue behind and requires little to no cleaning in between uses in order to function properly. You won’t have to worry about routinely cleaning up the leftovers from charred logs in your fireplace.

Safe for children & pets

Gas fireplaces are protected by glass or wire and they do not spark, so small children and animals that get too close are not at risk of being burned by stray embers. Additionally, since most gas fireplaces are remote-controlled, if an emergency does occur, the fireplace can be turned off from a distance immediately.

Adjustable temperature

You have the ability to set the amount of flame that is coming out of the fireplace, allowing you to adjust the temperature easily unlike a wood-burning fireplace that can be more unpredictable.

Less work

On top of owning a wood-burning fireplace, you will need to purchase fireplace tools and logs to keep the fire running when in use. With a gas fireplace, you can avoid the added task of making sure you always the right items to get your fireplace going.

Constant heat supply

Logs eventually burn out, and this is a problem you won’t need to worry about with a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces allow you to enjoy constant heat for as long as you want.


3. Alcohol Gel Fireplace

Alcohol gel fireplaces are a great alternative if you are looking for fireplaces that generate real fire, but are still eco-friendly.

Clean fuel

Alcohol gel produces zero fumes or smoke. Gels can be purchased by the can and you have the option of buying odorless gel or scented gel. Alcohol gel offers you a solution to make sure you and your family can enjoy a safe and clean fire within your home.

Produces real flames

Unlike gas and electric fireplaces, this solution still gives you the ability to experience fireplaces that create a real fire. Alcohol gel fires can last up to three hours.

Fireplace Installation and Service by Wyckoff

Family is important to us at Wyckoff, which is why we understand the benefits a fireplace can add in a home. As an official Iowa distributor of Continental fireplaces, our SAVE-certified technicians have experience in safely inspecting, repairing, or installing various fireplaces and make sure they run efficiently. We offer a variety of styles, brands, and accessories so that the fireplace you choose fits within the aesthetic of your home. If you’re interested in getting your current fireplace inspected, or want to install a brand new one in your home, submit a contact form and a Wyckoff team member will reach out to you to start the process.