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Furnace Installation

Des Moines Furnace Installation by SAVE-Certified Technicians

Wyckoff employs the most System Adjustment and Verified Efficiency (SAVE) certified technicians in the state of Iowa. With this designation, you can feel confident knowing that the technician installing your new HVAC system is properly training in energy efficiency installation and measurement, and can install a variety of furnaces in different kinds of homes.

Common Furnace Issues

A lot of the time, furnace issues can be fixed by simply replacing a part, or cleaning out filters. Contact a Wyckoff professional to help diagnose what it is that is making your furnace act out, and if it is something like a cracked heat exchanger or an out-of-warranty compressor, most often a repair will do the trick.

Your Furnace Might Be Relatively New

A furnace can live up to 20 years, so if your system is under 10 years of age, it might make more sense to pay for a repair in order to fully maximize what you can get out of that furnace. You can find the age of the furnace based on the inspection sticker or serial number. The first four digits of the serial number typically represent the year and week, or the week and the year, depending on the manufacturer.

Trust In the HVAC Brands We Install

We only install brands in your home that we would install in ours. With established brands like Amana, Rheem, Trane, and Lennox, you can feel confident knowing your new furnace is reliable and will do the job to keep your home warm.

Afford a New HVAC System with Financing

We recognize that a new heating system is a significant investment. That’s why we offer financing solutions through Benji to help make your indoor comfort a reality. Contact us for more information, or apply today.

Schedule an In-Home Visit

If you’re ready to install a new system in your Des Moines home or are wanting more information on what this process will look like, call us or complete an appointment request to meet with a Wyckoff professional.