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Radiant Heating Systems

A New Way to Heat Your Home

Radiant heating systems pump warm water from a boiler through engineered pipes laid underneath the surface of your floor. The heat in these pipes transmits to the surface and rises evenly throughout the room above creating a cozy, warm atmosphere.

Since ductwork isn’t necessary for radiant heating, air borne allergens are not a concern. Radiant heating also works well with current popular flooring styles including tile, hardwood, slate, and marble.

Radiant Heating Application

Radiant heating systems can be installed for more than just the flooring in your living room. Wyckoff offers a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to:




Living Room


Towel Bars


And More!

Contact Your Local Radiant Heating Experts

Wyckoff Heating and Cooling has over 20 years of radiant heating experience and offers many radiant heating options, including varying levels of piping, all of which produce a quieter heating solution for your home.

To determine whether radiant heating is a good solution for your home, or what the next steps are for getting this system installed, contact us and we will help answer your questions.