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HVAC Specialty Items

Besides furnace and air conditioning unit installation, replacement, and repair, Wyckoff offers a variety of other services to help people keep their homes and businesses comfortable and clean.

Wyckoff’s Specialty HVAC Services & Products


Warm, dry air acts as a sponge and soaks up moisture, so much as sucking out moisture from your home’s woodwork and furnishings, leaving them cracked and dried out. Similarly, dehumidifiers reduce the humidity levels in the air, reducing the likelihood of exposure to allergens, mold, and mildew in your establishment.

Wyckoff Heating and Cooling carries several whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help you replenish or reduce the moisture in your home’s air. These products are user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Water Heaters

You’ll never have to worry about your water running cold when you contact Wyckoff for your water heater maintenance and repairs. Our team also installs new units, so contact us with any questions or concerns!


Fireplaces serve as both an aesthetic centerpiece for your home, and an additional heating source during the cold winter months. Wyckoff Heating & Cooling will visit your home and work with you to find the best and most efficient type of fireplace to fit your needs and style.


If you’re experiencing temperature imbalance issues or loss of airflow, it could be due to your thermostat. Wyckoff has experience in helping install and repair various brands of thermostats to ensure your home is getting the airflow it needs, without racking up the price on your electricity bill. Contact us today!

Radiant Heating Systems

A popular way to heat your home, radiant heating systems use engineered pipes to pump warm water underneath your floors, allowing the heat to rise up and heat your home.


Wyckoff Heating & Cooling is one of only two ClimateMaster geothermal elite dealers in the state of Iowa. We have the experience, knowledge, and certification to help you find the perfect geothermal fit for your home.

Mini Split Systems

These systems have few to no ducts unlike central air systems, and are easy to install, only requiring a small hole through a wall for the conduit. Mini-split systems allow a person to control the temperature of a specific room and can be an energy-efficient solution for making your house as comfortable as possible.


Making sure you have the right filters for your HVAC system will help ensure you have adequate ventilation and filtration, resulting in improved air quality. Contact Wyckoff for advice on what filters you should be using for your HVAC unit.


Installing a zoning system in your home allows you to control a single heating and air conditioning system through multiple thermostats spread throughout your home or business to create custom temperatures for different areas.