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Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair:
Know the Cost of Your Unit

Diagnosing the severity and cost of a furnace issue can be difficult, and Wyckoff technicians use various components to find the best solution for whatever problem you’re faced with. So, what are the indicators that you may need to only do a repair on your furnace as opposed to replacing the whole system? Knowing the difference can and will save you money in the long run.

How Simple Is It to Fix a Furnace?

Many times, furnace issues can be fixed by simply replacing a part, or cleaning out your filter. Contact a Wyckoff professional to help diagnose what it is that is making your furnace act out, and if it is something like a cracked heat exchanger or an out-of-warranty compressor, most often a repair will do the trick. If it is a more complicated and time-intensive repair, then furnace replacement might be more cost-effective.

Is Your Furnace Relatively New?

A furnace can live up to 20 years, so if your system is under 10 years in age, it might make more sense to pay for a repair in order to fully maximize what you can get out of that furnace. You can find the age of the furnace based on the inspection sticker or serial number. The first four digits of the serial number typically represent the year and week, or the week and the year, depending on the manufacturer.

The Benefits of Furnace Repair with Wyckoff

All of our technicians are SAVE-certified ensuring that the technician working on your furnace has the experience and knowledge necessary to know what the most efficient and cost-effective repair for your furnace will be. In addition, Wyckoff offers a Peace of Mind Service Plan which allows Des Moines customers to proactively care for their furnace with two bi-annual appointments where a Wyckoff technician checks for any signs of potential issues to make sure you can feel confident in your system.

Schedule a Furnace Repair in Des Moines

If you notice your furnace acting up, contact Wyckoff or complete an appointment request to have a Wyckoff technician visit your home, properly assess your issue, and determine what type of repair is warranted so you can go back to enjoying your home.