With early signs of spring this year, it’s not too early to start on your spring cleaning projects. When you’re getting rid of winter grime, reorganizing closets, and clearing out gutters, be sure to add your air conditioner to the list. Taking a few minutes to ensure your HVAC system is ready for the warm months ahead will ensure the health, safety, and efficiency of your home this spring and summer.

Consider Our Spring Checklist When Inspecting Your HVAC System:

Check Thermostat Settings

Take a quick look at your thermostat. Is it heating and cooling to your desired temperature? Ensure your system can keep you comfortable when you’re home, and save energy (and money) while you’re out.

Inspect, Clean, and Replace Air Filters

Be sure to check your air filter once a month, and change as needed. A dirty filter can result in a host of problems, including increased energy costs, equipment damage and even failure, and poor indoor air quality. Look for a high-efficiency filter to catch all dust, dirt, and bacteria.

Clear the Condensate Drain

Most air conditioners have a drainage hole on the base of the cabinet, beneath the evaporator fins. Each spring, use a paper clip or wire to poke through the hole and clear it. A plugged drain can cause water damage in the house and impact indoor humidity levels.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Too much or too little will make your system less efficient, increasing utility bills and decreasing system longevity. Adjust refrigerant levels as necessary. Be sure to double-check the insulation on refrigerant lines and replace them if missing or damaged.

Tighten Electrical Connections

Faulty electrical connections are a safety hazard you want to be sure to avoid.

Clean Coils and Blower Components

Dirty evaporator and condenser coils reduce your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home, making the system work overtime to perform its job. Clean blower components provide adequate airflow and maximize efficiency.

Remove Dirt and Debris

Clear leaves, sticks, grass clippings, and winter grime from your air conditioner. Make sure the system has at least two feet of clearance around the outdoor unit to capitalize on performance.

Ensure the Unit Is Level

Once a year, check that outdoor AC units and heat pumps are on firm, level ground, or pads. Any shift in the ground can cause problems down the road.

Seal Windows and Doors

Inspect your home’s windows and doors and add caulk where necessary. This will keep cool air in and heat out in the spring and summer, along with saving you money along the way.

Replace Batteries

Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year to ensure they function when you need them most. You may also want to clean the detectors to keep them looking and performing like new.

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