Spring is finally here and it is time to get your house decluttered and ready for the warmer months ahead. Besides going through your closet to donate old clothes and organizing your kitchen cabinets, we hope you saved some space on your spring cleaning list for your HVAC system. Spring is the perfect time to clean and test your AC unit to help identify any potential problems and repair opportunities before you start using your AC unit regularly through the end of summer. We wanted to provide you with what we think are the most important tasks to focus on to make sure your air conditioner is prepared for its heavy use time.

1. Test Your AC System

Your air conditioner has sat dormant throughout the winter and first part of spring, and you do not want the first time you turn it on to be during a hot 80-degree day. We always recommend testing your AC system even if you don’t need it yet, just to make sure everything works properly. If you do happen to notice that your air conditioner unit is acting out of the ordinary, reach out to us for air conditioner repair service so our technician can resolve your issue before your heavy usage time.

2. Change Out Your Furnace Filter

The purpose of a filter is to trap dirt, allergens, hair, and other grime within the air to not let it reach your blower fan. This helps the air quality in your home by preventing these contaminants from recirculating through your house. We suggest changing out your filter before both spring and fall. Once an air filter gets dirty enough, it becomes ineffective in keeping these particles out of your air and results in reduced air quality and potential for allergy agitations. If your filter is in a difficult and hard to reach spot, our Wyckoff technicians have experience cleaning and replacing furnace filters for a variety of different brands.

3. Clean & Seal Your Windows

Windows can create problems throughout the year by letting outside air in, and it can be frustrating to watch your energy bill increase due to this. Thoroughly cleaning your windows not only makes your house look brighter, but it can actually help let more sunshine in during spring to help warm rooms up on those cooler spring days without needing to rely solely on your HVAC system. Sealing up your windows can ensure none of the air coming out of your air conditioner seeps out windows, and no warm and humid outdoor air comes in.

4. Clean Your Return Air Vents

Return vents accumulate quite a bit of dust and dirt as air passes through it, and it is always a good idea to try and clean them each spring. Use a rag or vacuum to remove any buildup and watch the quality of the air inside your home increase.

5. Declutter Your Home

Cleaning up and organizing rooms around your house doesn’t only help your home look more put together, but it can help remove any dust and other allergens that could affect air quality. Take time to go through each room and dust off or get rid of things you haven’t used for a while.

6. Remove Plants, Weeds, & Debris Near Your AC

For your air conditioner to work effectively, it needs to be free of any potential obstructions. Go outside and remove any plants, weeds, rocks, or other debris within a 2-foot radius around your unit. Additionally, use a hose with low pressure to rinse out grass, leaves, or pieces of dirt that may have collected on the top or sides of your air conditioner unit.

7. Change Out Your Thermostat Batteries

Sometimes, your HVAC system is working perfectly fine and it is your thermostat that is generating problems. By replacing your batteries before summer hits, you can be sure that your thermostat won’t shut off or stop working at the wrong time. Additionally, keeping batteries in your thermostat ensures that even if there is a power outage, something very common during summer Iowa storms, your thermostat’s settings will stay so you won’t need to worry about reprogramming it.

8. Consider Installing a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Excessive moisture from summer weather can make the air within your home uncomfortable. Maintaining appropriate humidity levels helps improve your indoor air quality and allows you and your family to feel more comfortable. We offer a variety of whole-home dehumidifiers that our technicians have experience installing in homes across Iowa.

9. Schedule Your Spring AC Service With Wyckoff

One of the most important things you can do this spring is get your air conditioner unit looked over by an HVAC professional. After scheduling an AC service check with us at Wyckoff Heating & Cooling, we will send a technician your way to clean your AC unit and take a more detailed look to identify any red flags you may have missed. Bringing these problems to your attention can help you ensure you get them resolved before higher temperatures start popping up on the forecast. Maximize your airflow, increase your unit’s efficiency, and receive peace of mind by scheduling your HVAC maintenance appointment with us today!