Kenny's been great. I'm happy we switched to Wyckoff for our maintenance and service. Kenny is always friendly, on time, and fast. Thank you!

- Angie Stephens

This year has been a difficult year for my family. To add to that, on a Friday, my dad had knee replacement surgery, and we were in the hospital visiting him. That night, we came home to a broken furnace. Though the first thing to go through my mind was – of course, why wouldn’t our furnace break too? – I tried some troubleshooting tips from the Wyckoff website. Nothing worked, and the furnace continued to blow cold air. I began calling every HVAC company in Des Moines, though we always have our work done through Wyckoff, because who wants to be without heat? I wasn't going to be picky about who serviced our furnace. One company hung up on me, another said they couldn't get us in until Sunday or Monday (though I never heard back from them). The one and only company I heard from was Wyckoff. My husband left a voicemail at 9 p.m. on a Friday and by 11 p.m., Josh with Wyckoff was at our door. The furnace fix only took 20 minutes, but Josh came to our rescue when everyone else was putting us off. I was more than impressed and extremely grateful for Wyckoff's service and timeliness – on a Friday night of all times.

- Jordan Rose

Thank you for the receipt. We really liked our service man, Chad Stills. Very detailed & was able to find the problem with one of our vents that hasn't been working for many years. That will help our heating & cooling a lot. Have a great day.

- Jeri & Fred Robinette.

We wanted to let you know that the Amana system Wyckoff installed in our home is working great. The A/C works better than our old system ever did. It’s so quiet and keeps our house very comfortable even in this really hot weather. Wyckoff was an excellent choice for us. Everyone was great to work with starting with you. Wes and Donnie were very professional and worked hard. Please give our thanks to both of them. We will be sure to recommend Wyckoff to anyone who needs your services. Thanks again.

- Steve and Cindy Jones

Dan Williams and another gentleman came and installed a Furnace and Air Conditioner and I wanted to let you know I was so pleased with Dan, he stayed and made sure everything was calibrated and he checked and double checked the system and made sure everything was working. I was impressed with his wiliness to assist us walked though everything with us. I have been a Wyckoff customer for a while but now you have me for life and I wanted you to let Dan know I appreciate what he did.

- Dee Wright

Tech went out of his way to correct my problem, then with a follow up to insure I was satisfied. Friendly, prompt and get the job done. Would recommend their service to anyone.

Randy Teaney is very Awesome, My house was 57 degrees and he really helped this single mom out I have had alot of stress lately and he lifted some of it off my shoulders! He really needs a raise I will be calling him anytime I have a issue for heating or cooling, He needs a Christmas Bonus the way he treats his customers is amazing! I am at awe with the service I received there are no words for his kindness!

On October 25, 2016 I had the 2nd half of my service agreement done for this year. The tech's name was Randy. I want you to know that he was so courteous, respectful and very thorough. I felt very comfortable when he left that the job was well done. You have an exceptional employee.

- JoAn Vader Werff

Known family very long time great people great service great company always has customer up front and all who work there are great people

- Jane Brookhart

We were very impressed with Mike and very pleased with Dan's installation work!

- Dan Aten

Mike was exceptional - knowledgeable and went the extra mile to help me. I will be a client for life! Thank you again.

- Maneesh Singhal

You are all a really great bunch! Great Job!

- Donna Cipule

Thanks to Mike for all you did to make my new furnace & air conditioner possible. Your patience in the selection process, the inspection, the thermostat installation, the warranty registration and finally the rebate. I deposited the rebate check yesterday! I appreciate all you did for me. Oh - & I forgot programing the thermostat for me! Thank you again for everything.

- Kathleen Masterpole

Our AC went kaput last night since we turned it on for the first time this year...Called Wyckoff and received amazing service!! My husband was the one to meet with the technician but he said they had the best customer service! Not the most fun way to spend money but at least we had a great experience!

- Shay Scholtes

Just wanted to say thank you again and let you know how impressed we are with Dan's work and Wyckoff in general. Everything turned out better than I could have imagined and we will highly recommend you guys every chance we get.... also thank you for the New Glarus... spotted cow is absolutely one of my favorites. Next time I have a brew day i will definitely let you know so you and your buddy can come hang out and throw back a few.

- Cody and Kelly Kesling

As a first-time homeowner, I thought I knew what I was getting into when it came to updates and routine maintenance – until it came time to replace my HVAC system’s air filter. I purchased an older home in Des Moines, and the filter was a special size that most stores didn’t carry. I couldn’t find the right size anywhere, except through special order. I finally thought to contact Wyckoff, and they were able to complete the special order for half the price! Wyckoff’s willingness and ability to help customers like me – even on the smallest of orders – says a lot about the company’s integrity and dedication to service.

- Jordan Rose

I called at 7:30 AM on Monday morning and was leaving for the airport to go out of town for a week at 10:00 AM. Wyckoff sent a technician, who arrived right on time, worked quickly and gave me a thorough explanation of the issue. I also have pets in my house and the technician was so kind to them. Best service of any repair I've ever had done. Thank you so much!

- Nik Wine

Great customer service! I called because my furnace wasn't running quite right. Service man cam the same day. He said something was plugged up. He fixed it at no charge since they service my furnace in November. They could have charged me anything as I would not have known any better. Love that they are trustworthy and customer focused.

- Dianna Bowie Richardson

Great customer service, had a technician come out, named Denny, who was very personable, pleasant, courteous & above all knew exactly what he was doing! I highly recommend their company & will use them anytime I have a heating or cooling problem!

- James Kaufman

CONGRATULATIONS on winning Best Local HVAC Company!!!!! That is a well-deserved title! I tell everyone I know that has an HVAC problem to call you because you guys have exceptional customer service, knowledgeable technicians and extremely prompt response time! Nice going!!! Thank you for taking care of our homeowner so quickly!

- Michele Djordjevic

I just wanted to say that the technician sent to my house today (2/8) for a service call was absolutely awesome! I'm the kind of person that asks lots of questions and he was thorough and patient. Of any service call I've ever had, he was the best. I believe his name was Darrell, but I may be wrong. Either way, please pass the word on.

- Jordan Miller

I need to thank all of you again. You are all exceptional. Recently, I have had interactions with Shawn, Vern and Josh. We were working on getting my new air conditioner turned up. Each person was very professional, clearly experienced and proactive. I know there are others behind the scenes that contribute to the total process. I don't know their names. Please pass on my thanks to them, also. I continue to be grateful for all of you. In appreciation,

- Penny Brockelsby

Peace of Mind works great! I participated in it ever since I had my new air conditioner & furnace put in

Hello! Just wanted to say thank you to the 2 techs that came to my house to fix my humidifier. Tech Michael Sheeler and his partner were professional, courteous, and clean. Both did everything they could to fix the current situation and they made improvements to the system to prevent further issues. I am very happy with the service provided and would recommend them and Wyckoff Heating and Cooling to anyone needing service work done.

- Brian Burke

Sincere thanks to Darrell today for putting in a new gas valve on my fireplace. Professional, kind and respectful. We will be a forever customers to Wykoff!

- Susan Burris

I need to extend a very grateful thanks to you and your amazing team. You have cared for me in a very professional and very efficient manner. I am amazed at how quickly you have helped me. I have to say I would give my experience with you 5 stars. You definitely far exceeded my expectations. All of my questions have been answered. I have been shown how to use my new thermostat. (It is much easier than the old one.) I understand when I will get the information on my rebates and extended warranty. I know I will sleep much better tonight having this cared for. Thank you to all involved.

- Penny Brockelsby

You are the best; will never call any other company.....

- Jan Jennings

If you need anything repaired from your A/C to furnace, look no further than Wyckoff. They have been my saviors for the past 15 + years. They get it right the first time and continue to keep me comfortable no matter the season. Call Wyckoff, you'll be glad you did!

- Brian Culich

Now it's almost time for my furnace check (Sigh). You're the only company I trusted to put in my new furnace & A/C in 2010 & the only company that maintains them. Thanks for having such great installers, technicians & such an honest run company!!! You all are the best.

- Kathy Battles

Larry Young responded to my call & promptly came out to access the situation, gave us a quote and once we agreed to use them had the installation promptly scheduled. He also had great follow up.

- William Stiles

You installed a new furnace, air and water heater. Your salesmen was very personable and informative. The installer did a great job and the quality of products is great.

- Laura Knutson

Wyckoff Heating & Cooling was wonderful from beginning to end during their installment of our new furnace and AC.

- Mary Slattery

Christmas Day, 2012, we awoke to 55 degree temperatures with 8 family members visiting for the holidays. We were able to determine the furnace was fine, but the thermostat failed. We called Wyckoff and to save us money on a holiday visit they let me meet them at their Carlisle location and sold me a thermostat off the truck for a savings. This meant only a little time away from family and with having been out of work the last few months the savings was a God send. We have since used them after our Air Conditioner failed during a few 100 degree days. They took the time to explain to us what was wrong and let us purchase an inexpensive part and personally installing it before rescheduling the replacement. This level of customer service resulted in our decision to call Wyckoff when our air conditioner finally failed. We believe Wyckoff's tenet is around taking acre of their customs and make all the difference in who called.

- Paul and Jane Mollicone

Thank you for fixing my AC yesterday.... my dumb mistake pulled weeds around it and pulled a wire with the weeds and that shut it down. You guys are AWESOME!!

- Candy Sirfus

You are the best; will never call any other company.....

- Jan Jennings

Thanks for the GREAT JOB down by Mike Vigulis, Shawn Peno, and Ed Knap. Marla & I are very happy with the work and look forward to the spring & fall checks to keep the equipment running right. We also will contact you when we need the other ductwork finished with our upstairs expansion. I was expecting to go with another company because of their long history with us of Fall service inspections. Also, we met the company president at the Home & Garden show and he was a relative of some neighbors from my hometown. The president himself was the one who gave us their bid. You meet them because of your EXTREMELY DETAILED, professional bid sheets and your prompt response. Also, you found a liquid exhaust leak that the company we were working with should have spotted during their checks and they should have asked me to repair. That leak was possibly several years old. For the record, your competitor has always treated us with respect and professional attitude and did a great job of contacting us several weeks before their annual checkup. Even in this bidding situation they were courteous and I enjoyed doing the bid with them. It is just that you guys were SO MUCH BETTER! Hopefully we can give Wyckoff Industries a good reference in the near or distant future. Thanks for everything! We are comfortable now!

- Jim, Jarla, Riley (10) & Annie (7) Jones.

Bell Bros had our business before and this was their job to lose. Their combination of their not bidding the systems as requested and Mike's knowledge and thorniness sealed their fate. We were very happy with Ed and Chris who also did a great job installing these systems and were very professional. I appreciate the great care they took in installing and removing they systems. I have passed Mike's card along to my friends.

- Bruce James

I wanted to give HUGE positive press to Wyckoff Heating & Cooling! Mike and Wes and the entire team at Wyckoff are absolutely awesome! I wanted to make sure everyone knows the amazing job that Wyckoff did replacing the heater in my home this week. We were without heat on Sunday morning, I called them first thing Monday, and we were setup to have the new unit installed on Tuesday. To top it off, they arranged for Mid American to come out this morning to evaluate the new furnace to see if we were eligible for the rebate. Because of the great job they did specifying the correct unit and installing it expertly, we will be receiving the rebate! I can't say enough good things about Wyckoff. These guys are great, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of upgrading their home's heading and cooling.

- Matt Dix

Everything went great and works well. The installer stayed late to get AC working enough since it was so hot. They addressed the issues I had with different temps on different levels. Gave honey opinions and options.

- Heidi Yerges

This fall I had a new furnace, a/c, and water heater installed. Although I responded to your follow up survey, I also wanted to tell you each what great information and service I received from Mike Veigulis and our installer Wes. I'm sure you already know what valued employees they are, but I'm sure you also value feedback such as this.

- Diane Bonta

I was very pleased to receive such good customer service - Mike Veigulis was great to deal with - very informative & professional. I got great information over the phone initially & it was backed up by the in home consultation / estimate not to mention the prompts of the written estimate (same day). I gave your competitor a chance & they did not deliver in such a manner - not even close. Because of the initial action I feel that should be I need any service in the future Wyckoff will be on it. The installer did a fine job as well. Great work and I will defiantly recommend your services to others. Great customer service is hard to come by these days. Keep it up - it sells.

- Angela Harmer

We had your company install a furnace a few years ago. We had taken estimate from another company - your salesman was much more knowledgable and helpful.

- Salvador Chia

Mike went above and beyond for us. Service was excellence.

- Carla Estermann

Thanks for doing a great job installing the new system! I will recommend you to anyone I know looking for a new system! You had also installed the previous furnace in the house and you came out and fixed our furnace last winter when it broke. We were very impressed with the customer service.

- April Battaii

You did an excellent job!!! Thank you for the prompt service!! We will recommend you highly to everyone!!

- Carolyn Rauisly

Your installer did a great job and the tenant was extremely happy.

- Larry Hugher

Sales and service were timely, professional and first rate.

- Michael Bohn

Dan and Yang installed our new air-conditioner and furnace. They did a great job. They showed up at 8:00am and while I thought they were going to be here for two days things worked out great for them and they managed to get it all done in one. Both were very professional and made sure they used their drop cloths to keep marks off the carpet. I would highly recommend Wyckoff.

- Connie Justice

Couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a note about one of your competitors and what a miserable time he's had with them. I responded with "I've gone to Wyckoff's for years. They installed my latest air conditioner and furnace &added new duct work. I have a permanent notation on my account for the installation person that I like doing my check up work twice a year. Everything is always in writing, done honestly, complete, through and very courteous. I wouldn't deal with any other company!" As I was responding to him today I though...I need to send them a note or call them....Nope I'll just post this on their site. I worked in customer device for mrs then 40 yeas of my life. I know you ALWAYS hear the bad comments & rarely the good. Although I have always called you folks & told you this before...I want it on record...So happy you all run your business the way you do, hire who you hire & treat customers with teh up most respect. I've referred my friends and family to you because all of those reasons! Thanks for all you do!

- Kathy Corkery Battles

Adam (service technician) completed a check up on my air conditioner. He provided excellent customer service and is good at what he does. No one in the past has completed the thorough checks and follow up with me. Will be calling Wyckoff's in the future based on the work he completed. Thanks!

- Jay Vonderhaar

What Wyckoff Customers Are Saying...

You did an excellent job!!! Thank you for the prompt service!! We will recommend you highly to everyone!!

- Carolyn Rauisly