Especially at the peak of the summer, it is not uncommon for homeowners to experience problems with air conditioning units. While there is sometimes reason to fear the need to replace your system, many reasons for AC malfunction simply involve repairs rather than costly replacements. Read on for a list of AC issues that don’t require a full HVAC system replacement.

AC Issues that Don’t Warrant a Replacement System

Accumulated Dirt in the HVAC Air Filter

Many homeowners are familiar with the chore of replacing an air filter roughly every three months. If an air filter is used for too long, a significant buildup of dirt and dust can begin to accumulate on the filter. This not only can decrease your home air quality, but the buildup also means your system has to work harder to keep up. Ultimately, not replacing an air filter can cut a system’s lifespan short.

An air filter coated in brown dirt.

Uneven Home Temperatures Due to Low Refrigerant

If you are noticing particularly expensive energy bills, or perhaps you can never quite get your home to a comfortable temperature, you may have an issue with refrigerant. While this can seem like an alarming issue, it does not always mean you have to fork over thousands of dollars to replace your system. Oftentimes, your refrigerant levels may simply be low. Contact your HVAC technician to change out your refrigerant and get back to working order.

Thermostat Causing HVAC System Issues

Sometimes older thermostats get dirt and dust inside of them, which makes it hard for your system to identify and regulate indoor temperatures. Additionally, if a thermostat is located too close to a heat source such as an oven or electronics, the temperature reading may be off and the system won’t maintain a correct temperature. If this is the case, you may be able to clean your thermostat, or perhaps now is the time for you to upgrade to the smart thermostat unit you’ve had your eye on. Whichever is the case, this alone does not warrant an AC replacement.

A Broken Blower Motor

If an AC system stops working and shuts off, it is easy to assume the worst. However, this can be a symptom of a broken blower motor. A discreet but very important part of an HVAC system, many do not know what a blower motor is until it causes issues. While replacing a broken blower motor is cheaper than replacing an entire system, it can still be quite costly. This underscores the importance of regular tune ups and AC maintenance!

Clogged Drain Line

Another reason to stay on top of regular service checks is for the sake of keeping your drain line clear and unclogged! Despite simply being a small pipe where water can drain, a clogged drain line can cause water to leak out onto the floor, other parts of your unit, or even your furnace.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Most condenser coils are located on the outside unit of your air conditioning system. Without proper attention and regular cleaning, they can easily get overrun by dirt, debris, or even the flowers you planted around the unit. Over time, this can lead to a big drop in the system’s performance ability. Be sure to pay attention to debris and ensure your AC unit is not getting overcrowded to avoid this.

Dirty coils on an outside AC unit.

Other Common Issues

There are many other things that can go wrong with an AC unit, but there is not always a need to default to a full replacement. A qualified HVAC technician can analyze the issue and present options for repair while leaving you with tips to keep your system running great.

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Repairing vs Replacing

While a good HVAC technician should have your best interest in mind and present you with all reasonable solutions to a malfunctioning air conditioner, every homeowner should weigh the pros and cons of choosing a repair over a replacement.

Reasons to Repair

  • Replacing one or two components may cost significantly less than replacing the entire system
  • The system has been working great, but just needs a little help
  • You will be moving soon and would not be able to enjoy the investment of a new system

Reasons to Replace

  • Multiple major components are broken and replacing them would cost a significant chunk of what a new system would cost
  • Manufacturer rebates and special financing may be available for new units
  • Newer systems present a long-term warranty, so you do not have to worry
  • New systems typically are less of an eyesore, run much quieter, and are more energy efficient

Des Moines AC Repair Service

If your AC has come to a halt in a heat wave, or just doesn’t seem to be keeping up like it used to, give Wyckoff a call. Our technicians are happy to assess the problem, present options, and work with you as you weigh the pros and cons of AC repair vs replacement. If your HVAC system is running well, great! Be sure to schedule regular maintenance appointments to avoid any major malfunctions.