As the winter weather keeps us stuck inside for the next couple of months, it’s hard to not imagine when we can start hosting gatherings in the yard and enjoying the outdoors again. The good news is, an indoor-outdoor fireplace could be the perfect addition to your home to not only enjoy in your living room but also outside on a deck or patio. These types of fireplaces offer a variety of benefits that will make this year-round amenity totally worth it. An indoor-outdoor fireplace is a singular fireplace that also acts as a window and allows you to enjoy the view of a fire from either inside or outside of your home.  

1. Extend the Outdoor Season

Bring comfort outside. Gone are the days of avoiding spending quality time with family and friends outside because it’s too cold to be outside for an extended period of time. A dual fireplace is a perfect centerpiece both inside and outside your home to gather around and enjoy the warmth. This also allows you to continue using your patio, backyard, deck, etc. long after summer ends.

2. Tie Both of Your Spaces Together

Use an open living concept to bring your indoor and outdoor spaces together. A dual fireplace is an easy way to provide a consistent flow and design throughout your home that ties all your rooms together and allows your fireplace to be the focal point of more than just your living room.

3. Increase Curb Appeal

Outdoor living spaces are a popular trend with homes and can help set yours apart from the competition if the time ever comes to resell. Potential buyers can easily envision how they would use their new outdoor living space. While installing an indoor-outdoor fireplace may seem like a significant investment at the time, the resale value it can add to your home will make it advantageous.

4. Keep Your Backyard Safe

While bonfires in the backyard can seem fun, they can be dangerous, disruptive, and illegal if not properly contained. Having a dedicated fireplace in the backyard helps you enjoy all the positives, like having fun and staying warm, without the unnecessary dangers a bonfire can create.

Additionally, fires do a great job of keeping mosquitoes and other bugs away. Insects aren’t fans of smoke, and while this doesn’t completely get rid of them, it helps discourage pesky bugs from trying to hang around.

5. Easy Clean-Up

One of the drawbacks of indoor fireplaces is the clean up involved, however, an outdoor fireplace makes cleaning up relatively easy! You can safely clean your fireplace without the worry of damaging carpet or hardwood inside. Complete the following steps to make sure your outdoor fireplace is clean and ready for use.

Cleaning A Wood Fireplace

  • Make sure plants and grass are trimmed or removed from around the fireplace as this can present a fire hazard
  • Remove ash, debris, and any unburned wood from the fireplace
  • Use a stiff-bristled brush and warm water to clean the outside of the fireplace to prevent mold, algae, and dirt buildup

Cleaning A Gas Fireplace

  • Ensure gas is turned off
  • Gently clean off fake logs with a soft-bristled brush each month 
  • Clean gas burners with a soft cloth
  • Inspect your exhaust fan and ventilation system to make sure they are still working properly

6. Efficiently Maximize the Use of Your Fireplace

An indoor-outdoor fireplace allows you to heat two spaces at once. These fireplaces are able to trap heat rather than expel it through a flue or chimney which makes them more efficient than the traditional fireplace. 

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