As homeowners ourselves, we know there is nothing more satisfying than your house operating smoothly. Whether it’s your electrical systems, plumbing, or even your HVAC unit, it’s reassuring to know that they are working properly and efficiently. But, we know all too well that unexpected issues come up at inconvenient times. That is why Wyckoff Heating & Cooling offers Peace of Mind Planned Service so that you can plan your HVAC service and avoid a breakdown at the worst time.

What Does A Planned HVAC Service Include?

With our Peace of Mind Planned Service agreement, one of our technicians visits your home twice a year to inspect, tune-up, and, if needed, replace parts of your unit. These visits are regularly scheduled during the spring and fall to get ready for season changes. We will send you a postcard ahead of time to remind you when we are coming out and will never charge you for overtime fees for nights and weekends. In addition to peace of mind, our annual agreement saves you money. As a member, you qualify for 10% off service fees and 15% off of all parts, accessories, and labor of any additional service.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance Checks

It is not your responsibility to know how to repair an HVAC system. Trust Wyckoff’s experienced HVAC professionals. Bi-annual inspections drastically lower the odds that your heating or cooling system will give out, saving you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars down the road. If your home has an older HVAC unit, consider signing up for Wyckoff’s Peace of Mind Planned Service or even get in contact with us for a new HVAC system quote.

Family-Owned Mentality

Wyckoff Heating & Cooling has served Central Iowa for over 68 years. In that time, we have grown to over 150 current employees but we still hold on to our humble roots as a family-owned business. Our current owners, Andy Wyckoff and Job Cooper, are third-generation owners who hold the same values since the day this business started: customer satisfaction. As we prepare for the warm weather in Iowa, now is a good time for one of our trained technicians to inspect your air conditioning unit. Call us today to schedule your first service!