There’s never a good time to be without heat during an Iowa winter, but as homeowners ourselves, we know things often break at the most inconvenient times. At Wyckoff, we’ve already been busy with routine service visits and emergency furnace repairs this season. Let us answer your furnace repair questions and ensure your family doesn’t go a day without heat.

How Much Will My Furnace Repair Ccost?

This really depends on each furnace, home and situation. At Wyckoff Heating & Cooling, we service homes throughout central Iowa for a standard service fee of $80 for residential and $105 for commercial. This cost covers our service trip and the time it takes for our technician to inspect and troubleshoot your HVAC system. In addition, the cost of repair will depend upon the severity of the issue and if any system components need to be replaced. At Wyckoff, we are committed to keeping your family comfortable at an affordable cost. Our service technicians will walk you through repair options to help you stay within budget.

Depending on the age of your furnace, we may, instead, recommend replacement. We always have our customers’ best interests in mind – we would hate to see you constantly pour money into an old furnace, when you could upgrade to a new system and save money in the long run. For example, if your furnace is older than 10 years-old, or if the cost of repair would be greater than half the cost of a new furnace, you may wish to consider a new system. Wyckoff has 12- and 18-month financing options available to help you afford home comfort with ease.

What Is the Most Common Furnace Problem?

While a number of issues may arise with furnace performance, there are some issues that seem to take place more commonly than others. We frequently experience faulty ignitors as a result of dirt and grime build-up. Why? Newer HVAC systems use an ignitor rather than a pilot light to engage the furnace to heat the home. When a furnace is equipped with an electronic ignitor, it cannot be lit manually, but should be replaced by an HVAC technician. Faulty flame sensors tend to be another culprit. Faulty sensors cause fuel to burn improperly, which is not safe for your family. If your furnace shuts down due to a faulty sensor, it has done its job. However, an HVAC technician should replace the sensor.

What If My Furnace Breaks Down on Nights, Weekends or a Holiday?

As homeowners ourselves, we know furnace breakdowns can, and do, usually occur when we’re least expecting it. That includes overnight, on the weekend, or during the holiday season. Wyckoff Heating & Cooling offers 24-hour support to our customers in central Iowa. And, while other HVAC companies may charge double for these premium hours, at Wyckoff there is no additional charge, no matter the time of day or year. We do our best to accommodate customer needs on a first-come, first-served basis. Our on-call service technicians fix as many issues on the spot as possible, though extensive furnace repair or replacement may take additional time to order and install parts and system components.

How Can I Avoid Costly Furnace Repairs?

Getting Peace of Mind with Wyckoff Heating & Cooling costs as little as $14 a month. Along with routine maintenance, including staying on schedule with furnace filter changes, Wyckoff preventative maintenance tune-ups can save you on costly repairs in the long-term. Your best defense against furnace repairs is adequately maintaining your heating system. Just like your vehicle requires routine oil changes, tire rotation and more, your furnace needs a clean filter and tune-up a couple times a year. Routine inspections allow our service technicians to examine and catch performance issues and potential hazards before they lead to breakdowns, system damage or failure. Invest in Wyckoff’s Peace of Mind Planned Service program, and receive the ultimate home comfort security with two service visits a year, discounted filter changes, 10 percent off regular service rates, 15 percent off parts, accessories and labor, and avoid overtime charges for nights and weekends.

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