The holiday season is already upon us, and that means it’s time start thinking about gifts. Wyckoff Heating & Cooling has a variety of affordable gift options for even the toughest person on your list. From upgrades that take home comfort to the next level to technology that makes life convenient, Wyckoff is sure to have the perfect gift for your loved one this year.

WiFi Smart Thermostat

Manage home comfort from the couch, while at work or from across the globe with Wyckoff’s WiFi smart thermostat options. Easy-to-use, this gift is perfect for anyone who loves technology, enjoys crunching the numbers you will save through efficiencies or is constantly adjusting the thermostat. Learn more about the WiFi thermostat here.

Fireplace Remote Control

Another way to impress your tech-savvy loved one, a fireplace remote control provides unparalleled convenience. Adjust thermostat settings on your electric fireplace from the comfort of your couch. This is an excellent gift option for those who like to cozy up next to the fire.

Fireplace Blower

For those who are money conscious, consider installing a fireplace blower to lower home heating costs. Rather than losing heat to the outdoors, a fireplace blower collects heat and pushes it into the house. This is a great way to reduce monthly heating costs during extreme Iowa temperatures.

Electric Fireplace

Safe, affordable and stylish, Wyckoff has an array of electric fireplace options to fit any home. If you have been looking to add warmth and ambiance to any room in your home, an electric fireplace is a great option for your loved one. Minimal installation is required, and modern touches allow you to design the perfect fireplace to fit your family’s taste.

Garage Hanging Heater

Don’t let cold weather stop your loved one from woodworking, building or even crafting in the garage. Wyckoff’s garage hanging heater is the perfect gift of warmth they need to stay comfortable, no matter what winter throws our way.

Air Purification System

If you have children, elderly individuals or family members that suffer from asthma in your home, an air purification system is a great way to clean the air in your home today. Available UV-light technology will attack indoor air contaminants, including mold, odors, dust and debris. Breathe easy this holiday season with an air purification system.


Iowa winters are tough on us – they dry out our homes, our belongings and our skin. The good news is, a humidifier can help! Wyckoff’s selection of humidifiers work with your heating system to keep your home from becoming too dry. The humidifier adds moisture to the air, and the fan inside your furnace circulates the air to your home.

Lyric Freeze Detector

Give your worrier peace of mind with a Lyric Water Leak and Freeze detector. Leaks and frozen pipes can cause serious damage to your home, but with leak and freeze detectors, you can receive an early warning. Place the detector on nearly any trouble spot – the sump pump, water heater, washing machine or under sinks. If a leak is detected or a pipe begins to freeze, the Lyric app on your phone will alert you wherever you are!

Service Contract

Speaking of peace of mind, Wyckoff has an available Peace of Mind program. By investing in routine service, our certified technicians are trained to address issues before they become larger problems. The cost of planned maintenance often pays off in the long run, prolonging the lifetime and increasing the efficiency of your system. Learn more about the program here.

Contact Wyckoff Heating & Cooling today at (515) 287-6000 to finalize your gift list this season!