Today we, as a society, spend our lives on-the-go. From hectic work schedules to running kids to school, ball practice and spring activities, it can be difficult to manage every day necessities, let alone home maintenance. Wyckoff Heating & Cooling has a plan in place – our Peace of Mind program – to help take the hassle out of home comfort. It’s not your job to know all aspects of your HVAC system, but it is ours.

Learn the Ways Our Peace Of Mind Planned Service Can Keep Money In Your Wallet And Your Home Comfortable All Year Long

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance goes a long way in the lifetime and efficiency of your HVAC system. For example, we recognize oil changes as a routine part of vehicle maintenance, and ensure we take our cars in for service every 3,000 miles. The same type of maintenance is beneficial for your furnace and air conditioner – and a lot cheaper than calling in when a break down occurs. Through the Peace of Mind program, plan participants receive two service visits each year, once in the spring and once in the fall, for $168 plus tax.

Budget options

Wyckoff Heating & Cooling offers payment plan options to assist with any budget. The Peace of Mind planned service agreement starts as low as $14 a month! As an added bonus, the overall program offers ten percent off regular service rates.

Major discounts

No matter the service, Wyckoff offers perks to customers who invest in the Peace of Mind program, including a 15 percent discount on all parts, labor and accessories outside of the contract and $45 filter changes.

Eliminate overtime charges

As a loyal Wyckoff customer, Peace of Mind planned service participants have access to our skilled technicians any time of day. Avoid overtime charges for nights, weekends and even holidays through the Peace of Mind program.


Following each routine visit, our service technicians will provide you with a written evaluation of your furnace and air conditioner. This report covers all aspects of your HVAC system, including what is working well, if any immediate updates are required, and what maintenance to expect in the future. The best part – Wyckoff will not perform any additional work without the homeowner’s consent.

Friendly reminders

We know your schedule is busy, that’s why we take extra steps to help you remember to schedule your routine service appointments. Our team will follow-up reminding you to set your next appointment through your preference of postcard reminder or phone call.

Let the professionals at Wyckoff Heating & Cooling do the heavy lifting when it comes to your home comfort. Contact us to schedule your Peace of Mind planned service today.