Indoor air quality is a concern for many of us, but it often becomes a priority in the spring when pollen and allergens reach their annual peak. It can seem like a never ending battle keeping your home clean and your family healthy. But we have good news – Wyckoff Heating & Cooling has a few simple tricks to protect you and your family all season long.

Replace Your Air Filter On a Regular Basis

Often the first line of defense against pollutants, air filters can become clogged over time. Inspect your filter monthly, and replace as necessary. Updating your filter is perhaps one of the most effective, inexpensive and energy efficient ways to improve indoor air quality. Consider a Solair filter and achieve up to 85 percent efficiency.

Take Off Your Shoes

We track in dust and debris on our shoes daily. Take a proactive approach by removing your shoes at the door. Ask the same of your children and guests.

Consider a Whole-House Dehumidifier

Control the moisture in your living area and prevent the growth of allergy-causing molds with one of Wyckoff’s Honeywell or Lennox whole-home dehumidifiers. Iowa summers can be hot, muggy and extremely humid. The best way to combat the moisture is by investing in a system that can regulate your indoor air quality – working hard for your family while you take care of business.

Close Your Windows

If you suffer from allergens, be sure to close your windows in the evening. This will prevent pollen and irritants from drifting indoors.

Install an Ultraviolet Air Treatment System

Reduce mold, bacteria and viruses that grow all around your home with the UV systems available from Honeywell and Lennox. This technology is widely used in hospitals and pharmacies to kill airborne pollutants. The unit is mounted in your HVAC system and continuously emits UV energy that eliminates bacteria as it passes through the light.

Wash Bedding In Hot Water

Cleaning bedding regularly, and in hot water, will keep dander from building up. You can also shower before you head to bed, and keep pets off beds and out of bedrooms altogether.

Opt For a Ventilator

Replace stale air with fresh outdoor air using a ventilator from Honeywell or Lennox. The ventilator utilizes just the right amount of air – 0.35 air changes per hour – from outside to maintain consistent comfort indoors.

Replace Sponges And Dish Towels

Update your sponge and wash dish towels every few days. Both can quickly become a source of bacteria and mold.


Keep your home free of harmful contaminants with one of our Lennox air purification systems. The systems control everything from dust mites and mold to infectious bacteria and viruses. They also remove and destroy odor and chemical vapors.

Schedule a Tune-Up

If it’s been awhile since your HVAC system has been serviced, consider having a skilled technician perform routine maintenance. Worn equipment can leave a lot of money on the table – through inefficient heating and cooling, high utility bills and costly repairs. Contact Wyckoff to schedule your routine tune-up and save in the long run.

We hope you utilize some of our tips to keep yourself, and your family, comfortable all spring long. For more seasonal tips, visit our blog posts on IAQ or Contact Wyckoff Heating & Cooling today.