Are you looking to add value to your home by finishing your basement? This home improvement will create significant returns on your investment and quality living space while you are in your home. If you have an unfinished basement, be sure to contact Wyckoff Heating & Cooling before you start the finishing process. Our HVAC experts will walk through your plan for the space, and help you find the best way to run heating and air conditioning ducts and vents prior to starting your project.

Here are a few things Wyckoff can assist you with in your basement remodel or finish:

Whole House Unit Versus Independently Zoned

Depending on how warm you want your basement to be, you may choose to heat it on your whole house unit (cooler) or independently zone (for maximum warmth). Independent zoning, or a separate unit, allows a concentrated HVAC system to heat your basement year-round. One of the simplest ways to measure your basement’s comfort level is to track your daily low and high readings. This will help you get an accurate picture of the amount of heating and cooling needed before you make a decision on the type of HVAC system you need. The good news is, Mother Nature is on your side. The Earth’s ground temperature remains fairly consistent around 65 degrees year-round.

Style Of Basement

Is your basement mostly below ground? This means your temperatures will be fairly comfortable and consistent. If your basement is a walkout, you may need to invest more money into a HVAC system that can combat exposure to outdoor elements.


At Wyckoff Heating & Cooling, we love Central Iowa. Unfortunately, our cold winter weather requires sufficient heating in the winter, while our hot and humid summers call for a boost of air conditioning. Our skilled professionals will help you plan for both extremes.


In some cases, homeowners may wish to add a dehumidifier to their system – either standalone or part of the HVAC unit, to decrease moisture and help maintain constant temperature. You can test your basement’s humidity levels to help you make a decision beforehand. We recommend humidity levels stay between 30 and 40 percent.

Basement Usage

What you plan to do in your basement may affect your decision on whether or not spend the extra money to ensure the perfect temperature year-round. If you’re simply going to watch movies or host an event a couple times a year, the benefits of a HVAC system will not be seen compared to if you or a family member will have a room or office in the basement. Consider the type of usage prior to making a decision on your HVAC system.


Depending on the year your home was built, the HVAC system in place may already be what you need. Wyckoff professionals will help you determine the HVAC system that best fits your home and lifestyle, and execute a plan that works for the completion of your project.

Electric Fireplaces

A great option for added warmth where needed, an electric fireplace can be a stylish and relatively inexpensive way to incorporate heat in your basement.

As you begin the exciting process of finishing your basement, reach out to the professionals at Wyckoff Heating & Cooling to help you make the right decision for your home. Taking a few moments to consider the options will make for a well-designed, comfortable and affordable basement without the hassle of last-minute changes.

Contact Wyckoff Heating & Cooling to schedule your basement plan walk-through today.