With spring just around the corner, many are looking forward to opening windows, getting rid of unwanted items and a thorough spring cleaning. Keep in mind, the most important and cost-effective cleaning may be on parts of your home you don’t see on a daily basis. Spring also serves as a reminder to inspect your HVAC system for proper functionality and efficiency before you need it most.

Consider Wyckoff’s Top 10 Spring Tips To Make Sure You’re Ready For the Change Of Season:

Test your air conditioner

Before you really need it, you may want to turn on your air conditioner for a few hours to ensure it is working properly. If you don’t discover there is a problem until the first hot day of summer, it may take longer for a service provider to reach your home.

Inspect your air filters

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), HVAC system filters should be checked monthly for cleanliness and replaced as needed. We recommend filter replacement at a minimum of every three months. Filters are a key component in your air conditioner and furnace. A clean filter protects your HVAC system from accumulation of dust and debris; protects you and your family from breathing in allergens and other particles; and improves the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. The simplest way to replace filters is to purchase a case to have on hand. When replacement is needed, you already have the filter ready to go.

Pay attention to the outdoors

Trim back shrubs, plants and debris that may hinder the outdoor part of your HVAC system that may block or decrease air flow across the units cooling fins. This can decrease the units efficiency and ability to cool the home. Make sure air can flow through the screens, and inspect the drainage hole. This hole should be clear of dust or debris to allow condensation to drain from it. You can easily clear the hole each spring with a paper clip or wire.

Utilize or install a programmable thermostat

Program your air conditioner to adjust to your schedule. It’s easy to leave home and forget to change the temperature. Let the thermostat do the work for you. Newer models even allow you to control the device remotely from your computer or mobile device. Take us up on energy savings today!

Inspect, seal and insulate air ducts

Leaks in your system’s ductwork can account for up to 25 percent loss in energy efficiency. Mold, dust and mildew can also accumulate in your ductwork causing air quality issues. Inspect your air ducts this spring or have a Wyckoff professional assist you.

Consider preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the most economical way to make certain your air conditioning system operates at peak performance when you need it most. Take advantage of Wyckoff’s Peace of Mind program for a bi-annual inspection. A well-maintained HVAC system results in numerous advantages. From a longer lifetime and better efficiency to preventing issues before they arise, it’s always a good idea to be proactive.

In with the new

Is your air conditioner more than ten years old? Is your home lacking the comfort you expect? If so, it may be time to replace your system. Modern systems are up to 50 percent more efficient and provide better performance. It’s always better to make a purchase like this on your own terms, rather than being forced unexpectedly. Consider your options today.

Do a deep clean

Clean bathroom fans, under and behind your refrigerator, light bulbs and lamps shades, air vents and gutters. Dust and debris can accumulate in these hard to reach, and often overlooked areas, over the course of the year. The changing of seasons serves as a reminder to double check these areas.

Caulk windows and doors

When cleaning windows and doors, check to see if they’re in good condition. Loose, leaky or single-paned windows allow cooled air to escape. Additional caulking will help keep out heat and humidity in the summer and cold drafts in the winter—and save money on your utility bills year round.

Adjust your water heater temperature

Set the thermostat in your water heater so that the hot water is at the temperature you want for a shower. Dish washers have their own water heating elements so the water heater can be adjusted to best meet your needs.

For more seasonal tips read more of our tips in our blog, including what to expect with your Spring Service Check and better understanding of what filter is right for you. At Wyckoff Heating & Cooling, your comfort is our number one priority. Don’t miss your opportunity to maximize your home’s efficiency and comfort this spring.