Invested, dedicated, family-oriented – these three words describe Wyckoff Heating & Cooling and our employees to a tee. At Wyckoff, we pride ourselves on serving the families of central Iowa and have done so for four generations by hiring quality employees that we, and our customers, can count on.

We’ve always considered our employees family, know we share the same goals and work to create a positive culture, but were pleased to realize that the numbers back our sentiment – our 113 employees have a combined tenure of nearly 7 years.

Ranging from our newest employee, just over a week, to our longest-standing employee of over 34 years, at Wyckoff Heating & Cooling we are proud to have such dedicated employees. We believe their length of service and continued employment is a result of the positive work environment and camaraderie established within our family-oriented organization.

Perhaps even more impressive than the combined tenure of our staff, Wyckoff employs eleven individuals with over 5 years of service, fifteen individuals with over 10 years of service and thirteen employees with over 20 years of service.

This is an accomplishment for any organization, but one that we are particularly proud of. Longstanding tenure is not earned without a positive work environment.

A family-owned and operated business, Wyckoff Heating & Cooling understands the importance of treating our customers and employees with respect, and over time that is something both have come to expect. Our commitment to building lasting relationships is the foundation of the company; it extends to our employees and in turn, our customers.

Interested in learning more about our top-notch employees and why they are invested in Wyckoff Heating & Cooling? Each month, Wyckoff features a different employee in the “Employee Spotlight” section of our website. Learn more about each of our employees, including what they enjoy most about working for Wyckoff, their areas of expertise and their personal interests and hobbies.

Click here to visit Wyckoff’s Employee Spotlight homepage.

At Wyckoff Heating & Cooling, we take employee satisfaction as seriously as we take customer satisfaction – because our employees are part of the Wyckoff family. We are proud of the relationships we have with each employee and know that it extends into our customer interactions. We’re invested the whole way around – from our employees to our customers, and knowing our employees are happy, we can rest assured our customers will be as well. Let our family make your family comfortable year-round.