Did last minute heating repairs catch you off guard this winter? Head into spring feeling confident in your cooling system by utilizing Wyckoff’s service check offering and Peace of Mind program this season.

With such extreme changes in temperature, your heating and cooling units benefit from annual service checks. Plus, you are more likely to catch any minor issues before they turn into bigger ones. Add a checkup to your spring cleaning list to make sure your house is ready to handle the heat!

What Does a Cooling Check and Tune-Up Entail?

When a Wyckoff air conditioning specialist comes out for a service check, our certified technician will complete a variety of tests and inspections to ensure your unit is working properly. These checks include:

Visual inspection

An overall visual inspection is the first step to look for any signals of an issue with your HVAC system. These warning signs may be rust, corrosion, standing water, moisture stains on equipment or signs of overheating.

Electrical systems and components

Next our specialist will test the electronic control systems of your air conditioner, testing the capacitors, switches, circuit boards and relays. This also includes an inspection of electrical and thermostat wiring on the system to be sure all connections are tight and ready for the hot Iowa summer ahead.

Cooling components

Your Wyckoff specialist will then check your evaporator coil and condensate drain line to ensure both are in top working order. Both the coil and condensate drain line must be clean and performing their essential functions for maximum efficiency and to avoid flooding your system.

Operation and functionality

The final steps our specialist will complete include an overall operation inspection. This means making sure your air conditioner’s coolant is at the correct level, the compressor and run system are functioning properly and checking the safety and control systems.

Year-round peace of mind

Do you want to guarantee your HVAC is functioning properly and at maximum efficiency year-round? Take advantage of Wyckoff’s Peace of Mind Planned Service program to assist with annual checkups and discounts year-round. Under this annual agreement, you will save 10 percent on regular service rates. The program also includes two service visits twice per year (fall and spring), a 15 percent discount on all accessories and discounts for payments in full and multiple system use. For more details on our Peace of Mind program, visit https://wyckoffcomfort.com/peace-of-mind/.

There are many benefits to preparing your HVAC system for the long summer ahead. Save time and money by getting issues taken care of before demand for time and parts are high!

To schedule your spring checkup or for more information, contact us or call (800) 246-0273.