Radiant Floor Heating

residential_radiantinfloor-1Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning only to step onto a floor surface that feels like a sun-soaked beach. That’s how your home could feel with radiant in-floor heating from Wyckoff Heating and Cooling. A radiant heating system pumps warm water from a boiler through engineered pipes laid underneath the floor surface. The heat in these pipes radiates to the surface and rises evenly throughout the room above to create a cozy, warm surface.

As ductwork isn’t utilized in radiant heating, you can avoid concerns with air borne allergens. Plus tile, hardwood, slate and marble are now serious flooring options, as floor heating will keep them warm.

Wyckoff Heating and Cooling is pleased to offer many radiant heating options, including varying levels of piping, all of which produce a quieter heating solution for your home.

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