Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal/Ductwork

At Wyckoff Industries we have a state-of-the-art sheet metal shop staffed by our qualified professionals to meet all of your sheet metal and ductwork needs. Contact us now.

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4’ sided plenum & end cap (+$20 insulated)$75$65
10” x 20” return air drop & filter shoe$68$60
10’ x 25’ return air drop & filter shoe$75$65
4” media air filter return air sleeve$40$35
8 pc. Plaster ground$6$4
1” 16 x 20” filter rack$10$8
1” 16 x 25” filter rack$12$10
Furnace coil tray$11$10
5’ 3-sided plenum w/door $65
2” or 3” PVC term. exterior plate $15
Roof curb – 18 gauge/42” x 80” curb/12” tall $300
Roof curb adaptor – 18 gauge/18”-24” tall + two insulated fitting to connect existing supply duct – 3–4-ton $550
Roof curb adaptor – same – 5-ton $625
Roof curb adaptor – same – 7.5-ton $685
Roof curb adaptor – same – 10-ton $730

Also Available

Our fabricators can also design and build copper flashings, gutters, awnings, and fencing as well as a variety of custom, hand-hammered ornamental ironwork including gates, furniture, and holiday decorations. We have the talent to custom design and construct your project out of sheet metal, as well as stainless steel and copper. Let our fabricators create the product to fit your needs. Contact us now.

Our Metal Shop

  • 5’ x 10’ plasma table
  • 14 gal 10’ Roto die hydraulic brake
  • Lock former — sheet metal locking cross-over system
  • Full Duro Dyne insulating table and machine
  • Hydraulic sheer
  • Automatic slitter


  • Available at $0.03 per pound anywhere in the metro area
  • Pick up is also available

Payment Terms

  • COD
  • Billing accounts set up through our Accounts Receivable Department (ask for Tonya)
  • Visa, MasterCard, and Discovery