As temperatures start to drop in central Iowa, it’s crucial to ensure your furnace is working to keep your family warm throughout the winter months. Before you find yourself in the dead of winter wondering, ‘Why Isn’t My Furnace Working?’ we recommend checking your furnace well in advance.

To prevent broken HVACs, Wyckoff Heating & Cooling provides a Peace Of Mind Service Plan to regularly check that your AC and furnace are maintained and properly functioning. This plan provides two preseason maintenance appointments in spring and fall to prepare you for the hot summer and cold winter months. 

However, if you do encounter a poorly functioning furnace, it might be due to one of these common issues.

Common Issues Leading to Furnace Malfunctions

Did you know if you increase your thermostat, your house is supposed to raise one degree every 45 minutes to your desired temperature? So, if your house is staying stagnant for over an hour it’s time to troubleshoot one of these issues.   

Incorrect Thermostat Setting 

One common, easily fixable issue is an incorrectly set thermostat. To keep your house warm, the thermostat setting should be on heat, or some HVACs provide an auto setting. An auto setting allows you to set your thermostat to a range of temperatures you desire. Then, the thermostat automatically runs as needed to stay within your range. 

Broken Power Source

Most furnaces require a power source, so it’s essential to have a functioning electrical outlet. Check your circuit breaker to confirm power is reaching the outlet. If not, resetting the circuit may resolve the issue, but if not, consult an electrician.

Poor Heat Insulation 

Older homes often suffer from poor insulation around windows and doors, allowing warm air to escape. To prevent this, check for gaps in window frames, replace door weather stripping, or use draft blockers at the base of doors. Also, installing blinds or heavy drapes can help trap warm air inside. 

Dirty Air Filters 

A clogged air filter can block warm air circulation, reducing heating productivity. If you’re comfortable doing so, turn off the furnace and replace the air filter. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call Wyckoff.

Full Condensation Pan 

HVAC systems produce condensation, which is drained into a pan. If this drainage path becomes blocked or damaged, the pan can fill up, preventing the HVAC system from producing heat. Similar to changing air filters, you can clean the condensation pan yourself or call Wyckoff for help.

Overheated Motor 

Debris, improper airflow, or other issues can cause the HVAC motor to overheat, causing the system to shut down. Check vents are unobstructed and switch off your HVAC for at least 30 minutes to cool the motor. If it doesn’t restart after this, it’s time to call Wyckoff for professional assistance or consider a new furnace.

The Thermostat Reads Temperature Incorrectly

Sometimes, a malfunctioning thermostat can misread the room temperature, leading to insufficient heating. If you suspect this issue, it’s best to have your thermostat checked and recalibrated by an HVAC technician.

Air Ducts Are Leaky 

If your home isn’t warming up sufficiently, leaky air ducts could be to blame. These leaks can be challenging to detect with the naked eye, so it’s advisable to schedule a furnace inspection with our professionals.

Protect Your HVAC System With Wyckoff! 

If your furnace isn’t working for any of these reasons or you’re uncertain about the cause, don’t delay in contacting Wyckoff. Our experienced technicians can assess the issue, provide efficient and cost-effective repairs, and make sure your home remains comfortable throughout the seasons. Schedule a service or inquire about our Peace Of Mind Service Plan today!