Gas heaters are popular for their effectiveness and energy efficiency. However, if you have a gas furnace in your home, it can create a number of potential problems that electrical heating systems don’t have. There are three main issues that can arise with your gas line that affect your furnace. Discover how to identify a problem with your gas line, and what you can do to address and solve it.


Fortunately, gas leaks are not a common occurrence, but when they do, they can be very dangerous. A leak in your gas line could result from corrosion on the pipe, accidental puncturing, or even soil shifting around the pipe due to rain.

No matter the cause, gas leaks can be a very serious problem for both your furnace and your home. With a leak, your furnace won’t get enough gas to heat your house properly, and there’s the added risk of a spark in the wrong place igniting the gas in the line itself which can be dangerous. 

If you notice that your gas heater isn’t warming your home as well as it should, you should have your gas line inspected to rule out a gas leak before it becomes a hazard. 


While a blockage in your gas line can often be rare, it’s still something to check for if you think there’s an issue with your gas heater. One way that a blockage could happen is tree roots growing into the line over time, cutting off the gas from reaching your furnace. Other causes may include contaminants in the line, damage to the pipe, or a build-up of gunk or debris at the access point. All of these issues will lower the heat output in your home.

A gas line explosion is far less likely with a blockage in comparison to a leak, but you should still call for repairs right away if you think something may be blocking your gas line.  

Valve Issues

There are valves at the end of your gas line that can develop leaks or blockages themselves. The good news is that the valves are quite easy to replace, but that doesn’t mean you should delay the repair. Like any gas line issue, you should address it immediately to avoid a much bigger problem in the long run. 

Protect Your Family and Furnace with Wyckoff Heating & Cooling

It may be difficult to differentiate or identify which issue you’re having with your gas line, and that’s where Wyckoff comes in. If you suspect there’s a problem with your gas furnace, we can come and perform a full inspection to find the root cause, then work towards a solution. Get in touch today to schedule an inspection or repair with our highly experienced team at Wyckoff Heating & Cooling!