The Midwest summer is upon us, with temperatures gradually rising as the weeks pass. If you’ve considered upgrading to a central air conditioning system in the past, the last thing you want to do is wait until you’re sweating and uncomfortable in your home. Many people tend to stay away from a central air installation for as long as possible, especially since it can cost a big chunk of change. Thankfully, even though the bill may be sizable, it is a worthwhile investment.

Should I upgrade to Central Air?

Before concluding that a central air installation is needed, we recommend testing your AC unit in preparation for the summer months. That way, you can make adjustments as needed and fully decide if you need an installation, or maybe just an update to your existing system.

At Wyckoff, we want to educate and encourage all homeowners on specifics for their homes with their comfort in mind. That’s why we have pulled together factors about central air installation that will affect the cost, knowing how important it is to be budget-friendly while staying up to date on industry standards.

Tips to Save on Central Air Installation for This Summer

System Size

A huge factor in determining the cost of a full central air installation is the size of your home. If your space is larger, you may need a stronger system. Whether you have a two-story home or a ranch-style, our air conditioning systems can be customized to work in the space you need.

Noise Requirements & Comfort

If you’re sensitive to low humming, buzzing or soft sounds…it may require a specific type of AC unit. For some, large fans humming in their backyard is of no bother, but to others it can be quite annoying. However, it’s not always about personal preference. Some HOA’s have specific noise level requirements that must be upheld to live in their neighborhood.

Level of Personal Comfort

While you may think having central air will require all spaces to be cooled, that’s not the case. You can customize what areas of your home get cooled, and to what level. Heat rises, so your finished basement doesn’t need to be cooled 100%— but your second story will. It also depends on your comfort level and habits as a homeowner. Some prefer to leave their windows open as much as possible and only use their AC when needed. Others prefer to leave their AC on at all times.

Type of AC System/Unit

Just as size is an important factor in calculating the cost of an AC unit, so is the type. There is no “one size fits all” system. In fact, homeowners have many options when deciding how they want central air installed in their home. From a heat pump to a ductless AC unit, there are many options available. At Wyckoff, our experienced technicians work with people every day to evaluate their lifestyle needs and homes to determine which central air conditioning option is right for them.

Your Home’s Efficiency

Utilize your home’s efficiency to your advantage! Maybe you have lots of shade coverage from nearby trees, durable insulation or better window placement. Sun exposure can keep your house warmer! All of these factors are great in cooling your home naturally. With these in mind, you won’t have to worry about installing a complex air conditioning system if you don’t need to.

Replacing Old or Installing New

If you’re replacing your current central air conditioning system, then you may be in luck! More often than not, replacements are more cost-friendly than new installations. Perhaps the system you have just needs an update and we can get you the same version or better. However, if you are installing a new system, then the price may be higher.

The Bottom Line

No matter what, installing a central air conditioning system can be pricey. A new unit ranges from $3,000 to $7,000, depending on all of the above factors and more. Thankfully, there are so many options available to customize and choose from that are specific to your household needs.

Install Your Central Air Conditioning System (AC) With Wyckoff Heating & Cooling

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