The snow is gone, the sun is shining, and summer is right around the corner. Is your air conditioner set up for success? Your air conditioner is going to stay busy over the next couple of months while it works to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and heavy use always increases the risk of issues arising. The good news is that there are different ways which homeowners can stay proactive with their air conditioner unit to avoid any mishaps during these hot summer months. Follow some of our tips to help your air conditioner operate as efficiently as possible to keep your home and family cool.

Clean or Change Out Your AC Air Filter

A quick way to improve air quality and air conditioner performance that people often overlook is switching out the air filter. The dirtier a filter is, the harder your air conditioner has to work to put out cold air, plus the air that does get spread around your home could potentially be full of allergens, dust, and other harmful particles. Try to change the filter out at least every couple of months. Not sure about what type of air conditioner filter you need? Our technicians can help give you insight on which HVAC filter would be most effective in your home!

Remove Plants & Debris Around Your Unit

With your air conditioner unit outside, it can be common for grass and plants to grow around your system, ultimately affecting its overall performance. Make sure you cut the grass around the unit, remove weeds, and clean any debris that could be close enough to obstruct your system’s airflow. Continue to do this throughout the rest of the summer to help your AC unit run smoothly.

Clean Condenser Unit & Cover When Not in Use

While air conditioners are tough and made to withstand the outdoors, they are still made of metal with parts that are susceptible to the elements. Without a tarp or cover to place over your condenser, dirt, leaves, and other particles can accumulate inside and clog your unit. If your unit was unprotected over winter, remove and clean the fan blades and grilles of your unit to help free it of any obstructions. It’s also common for condenser coils to get dirty over time if not taken care of. Clean your coils at the beginning of each cooling season to help with airflow and your condenser’s efficiency.

Consider covering your unit over significant periods of time that it will not be in use. This will not only protect your unit and increase its lifespan, but it will also save you the trouble of needing to clean it out once summer comes.

Clean Your Indoor Air Vents

Proper airflow is vital when it comes to HVAC efficiency. After cleaning the outdoor area around your unit, go through your home and check all of your vents. Your vents are susceptible to dust accumulation, so spending time dusting and cleaning your vents can help enhance your air conditioner’s performance. Additionally, make sure none of them are covered by furniture, window drapes, or other types of materials that could block air from leaving the vent.

Test Your Air Conditioner Unit

Don’t wait until you’re sweating to turn on your air conditioner for the first time. It is possible that something could have gone wrong over the months it was not in use. Turn on your unit and check for any abnormalities. Your air conditioner should be releasing cool air within the first few minutes. If you don’t feel any air or if the air does not feel cool, your AC unit could have problems. If you hear strange noises, turn your system off immediately and contact an HVAC professional.

Program Your Thermostat

Take some of the load off your air conditioner unit, and make time to change your thermostat’s settings to fit within your lifestyle. There’s no point in running cold air when no one is home. Program your thermostat to turn off or turn down your AC while your home is vacant so it can remain more efficient when there are people there. Making use of your thermostat’s capabilities will help decrease your energy bill and increase the life of your system over time.

Schedule Des Moines Air Conditioner Repair With Wyckoff

Iowa summers can get pretty hot, and we don’t want you to have to suffer through the heat without an efficient air conditioner. If you have noticed your air conditioner acting up, or want an inspection to help ensure nothing goes wrong during the hot summer days ahead, contact Wyckoff Heating & Cooling to schedule an air conditioner inspection!