Spring break has come and gone, and it’s time to gear up for the change in seasons by doing some spring cleaning. Many people clean out their garages, give away unneeded clothes and furniture, and prep their lawn for new plants this time of year, but it’s also important to consider what your HVAC needs when the weather changes. Like all Iowans, you’ve been relying on your heating system to keep you cozy all winter, so it’s important to get things checked and cleaned out in the spring to make sure it will be ready when the air gets cold again in the fall. A good cleaning will also ensure your air conditioning system is ready when the temperature starts rising over the next couple of months.

Follow the Wyckoff team’s tips for spring cleaning to set your HVAC system up for success this year!

Dust, Mop, and Declutter

This is an obvious item on most spring cleaning checklists, but it’s important for the health of your HVAC system and indoor air quality, too! Once the snow is cleared away for the year and you start opening your windows regularly, it’s important to declutter your home to get rid of any dust and debris that has built up over the winter. When you let dust and debris build up for too long, you run the risk of aggravating any allergies you and your family may have.

After the clutter is cleared up, you should dust and mop the surfaces in your home to get rid of dust and dirt buildup so your home starts off the season clean. If you don’t declutter, dust, and mop, the accumulated debris will make its way into your indoor air and HVAC systems, causing your ducts to become dirty faster. A clean home makes for a clean HVAC system!

Replace Your Furnace Filter and Air Conditioning Filter

Even if you regularly dust your home, your furnace and air conditioning filters collect a lot of dirt and dust throughout the year. To increase the lifespan of your HVAC system, it’s important to check and replace your furnace and AC filters every few months, depending on what type of filters you use. Fiberglass filters are most common, but our team can talk to you about other filter options if you want to branch out—contact us any time. Springtime is a great time of year to replace the filters on both your furnace and your air conditioner since you’ll be switching over from using the heater to running the air. A clean filter will also help keep impurities out of your air in the spring when people are most prone to allergy flare-ups.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

It’s a good idea to have your ducts cleaned out annually, even if you change your HVAC filters regularly. If dirt and debris get trapped in your ducts, it will still make its way into your air and into your lungs, even if your filters are doing their job. A professional duct cleaning service will give you the peace of mind that the air in your home is safe and clean! In addition to clearing out dust and debris, duct cleaning may make you aware of other problems in your home you weren’t aware of before, like mold and leaks.

Inspect Windows and Doors for Leaks

When the seasons change from dry winters to humid springs, it’s important to check out the windows and doors in your home to make sure they’re still sealing properly. Checking the spaces around your doors and windows and caulking any cracks if necessary will keep the humid air out as we move into hot and rainy weather. Making sure your home is properly sealed can also keep your home at a more comfortable temperature and keep your energy bill lower since a well-sealed home will ensure your air conditioner doesn’t work harder than it needs to when the weather gets warmer. As an added bonus, sealing door and window cracks will help prevent pests from gaining easy access to your house.

Call Us for an AC Service Check and Cleaning

You’ve probably been there before—the first truly hot day of the year arrives and you reach for the thermostat, only to realize that your air conditioning system isn’t working. Think ahead this year and call us for air conditioning service check during your spring cleaning so that you know everything will be ready to go when you need it! Our team will do a full inspection and cleaning of your AC system to make sure it’s operating at its full capacity when the outdoor temperatures begin to climb. We’ll do everything from cleaning your system to installing new filters; let us know if you want to set up bi-annual appointments with us so that you don’t forget to have your HVAC system checked at the beginning of the spring and winter seasons each year.

If you have any questions as your work your way through spring cleaning this year, feel free to call our professionals. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and if you want an appointment to get your HVAC system checked out, our team will be happy to head over to your home! We’re available 24-7, so if you’re caught up in an HVAC fiasco, don’t hesitate to give us a call.