Checking and changing your HVAC system’s air filter is an important component of home safety, comfort and indoor air quality. Routine filter changes are a simple, five-minute task that Wyckoff encourages you to put on your calendar every month. There are many avoidable HVAC issues that can be prevented through monthly filter replacements.

Let’s Consider the Ways Filter Changes Can Lead To Bigger Problems:

Reduced airflow = system failure, cracked heat exchanger

Put simply, dirty air filters reduce airflow. As a filter gets dirty, it becomes clogged and causes the fan motor to work harder. In this cause and effect scenario, the fan motor can burn out resulting in overheating and system failure. Heat may also build up around the heat exchanger, which can be a life threatening issue. Cracked heat exchangers will cause the system to shut down and can result in fire or release of carbon monoxide.

Short-cycling = wasted energy, increased utility bills

Throughout each day, your furnace and air conditioner cycle on and off as needed. A dirty filter can cause these cycles to become more frequent and less effective. This results in uneven cooling, wasted energy, increased utility bills and unnecessary changes in your home’s temperature.

Dirty ducts = poor indoor air quality

Dirty air filters allow dust, dirt and allergens to pass through the filter into air ducts and into your home. This means not only you will need to clean ducts more frequently but your indoor air quality will also be compromised. Extra debris and allergens in your home can cause headaches, fatigue and cold symptoms especially for those who suffer from asthma or respiratory allergies.

Build up = freezing evaporator coils

Dirty filters lead to dirty components within your HVAC system. By restricting the flow of cold air in the summer, cool air builds up inside your air conditioner and can lead to freezing evaporator coils. Frozen coils block airflow, reducing the system’s ability to maintain indoor climate control and could ultimately result in failure.

Extra work = higher energy bills

Dirty air filters cause your HVAC system to work much harder to do the same amount of work. This also means it requires more power to fuel it. If you’re waiting to replace your filter because of cost, you may end up with the much more significant expense of replacing your furnace or air conditioner.

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