A new HVAC system may be one of the most costly updates you incorporate in your home. However, whether you’ve planned to update your HVAC system this year or your furnace or air conditioner took an unexpected turn for the worse, Wyckoff Heating & Cooling offers financing options to meet your needs. And the good news – there are numerous benefits to financing your furnace and/or air conditioner this year:

Save On Energy Bills Today

If your HVAC system is in need of an update, chances are your home is currently functioning with an older model that is running inefficiently and skyrocketing energy bills. A new, energy efficient system can save money on utility bills and help offset the monthly cost of financing. For example, if you replace a 10 SEER model with an 18 SEER, you may see up to 48 percent annual savings in energy costs. Don’t miss your opportunity to start saving today!

Improve Home Comfort

Is your home too hot or cold, too dry or humid? Maximize your family’s home comfort with a new HVAC system this year, rather than suffering while you save the money to purchase it all at once. You can rest assured knowing your family is comfortable and you are making progress towards paying off your furnace or air conditioner with each passing month.

Eliminate Costly Repairs

Reliability and operating costs are significant factors that should determine whether or not it’s time to update your HVAC system. If your current furnace or air conditioner constantly needs attention and continues to take money out of your wallet, investing in a new system will help to eliminate long-term costs of maintaining a failing system.

Protect Family Health

If your current system isn’t functioning properly, it could have a negative impact on your home’s indoor air quality. New systems are not only more efficient, they are also better at filtering dust, dirt and allergens from entering your home. Families with children, elderly adults or individuals with allergies or asthma may especially benefit from an updated system.

Increase Home Value

Even if you are looking to sell or rent your home within the next several years, a new HVAC system can be a significant selling point. Realtors, buyers and renters pay attention to these details, and a reliable furnace and air conditioner is especially important with extreme Iowa temperatures.

Convenient Payments

When you take advantage of financing your new HVAC system, you will be able to break up the cost into routine payments that are convenient and secure. Monthly payments allow you to start enjoying the comfort of your furnace or air conditioner while keeping your budget in line.

Financing Options For Every Budget

Wyckoff Heating & Cooling offers flexible financing packages designed to make equipment purchase and installation a simple, budget friendly process. We work with you and your family to determine the best plan and achieve a smooth financing process with competitive interest rates. Contact us today to learn what financing options Wyckoff has available for your family.

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