At Wyckoff Heating & Cooling, we have our own version of “dirty jobs” – jobs that entail long hours, and in the summer, hot and sweaty work conditions. And just like Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe displays in his show, our team is working diligently to build and maintain better homes, better communities and a better lifestyle for central Iowans. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our hard working new construction crews and to let our customers know the difference between our new construction, renovation and residential teams.

New Construction and Renovation

harbach_sam_jason_dirtyIn new construction or renovation areas, it can be difficult for our team, vans and equipment to stay clean. In fact, the more sweat and dirt, the more likely it is that our team has been working hard. Our new construction team, or what we refer to as our field team, may work anywhere from 12 to 18 hour days, six days a week just to get the job done. These guys are our go-getters. In fact, our management team has to make this hard working bunch take Sunday off to spend time with their family and recharge for their own mental and physical health.

Some of our current projects are the Harbach Building, a $26 million warehouse conversion project at 300 and 316 SW 5th Street in Des Moines that will offer 106 apartments, and Ballyard Lofts, a renovated warehouse featuring modern apartments at 350 SW 2nd Street in Des Moines.

Wyckoff would like to extend a big thank you to this team for their dedication and hard work, no matter the weather conditions Iowa throws their way!

Wyckoff service technicians may be working new construction one day or week and residential the next. Our flexible team is talented and resilient, therefore we are able to transition team members from one team to the other.donnie-shoes-off2

However, our promise to customers is that we never send a team member into your home the same day he or she has been working a new construction site. We pride ourselves on customer service, and that means leaving your home better after our visit. Our residential team takes great care in not only your home comfort, but also the cleanliness of our presentation and your home. Wyckoff technicians go the extra mile, taking shoes off when entering your home and keeping a clean change of clothes and shoes in their truck to ensure we leave your home in great condition following our visit.

Last, but not least, thank you to our customers for recognizing the hard work of our skilled staff. We know that when you work hard, sometimes you come across a dirty job. But, when the end result is ensuring the home comfort of new neighbors or bringing new jobs to town, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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