You rely on annual doctor visits to keep your family healthy. You invest in regular oil changes to keep your vehicle on the road. And you can count on Wyckoff Heating & Cooling to perform tune-ups on your HVAC system to maintain your home comfort. Each of these routine check-ups ensures health, longevity and performance. When it comes to your furnace or air conditioner, a complete and thorough inspection will not only solidify your family’s home comfort through the most extreme Iowa temperatures, it can also go a long way in catching potential issues before they arise.

Wyckoff Heating & Cooling has you covered through our Peace of Mind Program. We recognize each home and family has different wants, needs and budgets. That’s why we’ve provided an affordable way to keep your furnace and air conditioner up and running. Our Peace of Mind planned service includes:

Need More Reasons To Invest In Peace Of Mind? Consider Wyckoff’s 10 Reasons Routine Maintenance Is Affordable And Will Benefit Your Heating And Cooling Systems:

  1. Early detection of issues will keep money in your wallet and prevent potential issues before they result in costly repairs.
  2. Inspecting your furnace and air conditioner will keep your family safe from harmful emissions.
  3. Yearly maintenance will save you money by ensuring your system is running at peak efficiency, which means bigger savings – up to 40 percent – on monthly utility bills.
  4. Routine maintenance ensures effective filtering of pollutants, debris and bacteria. For those who have young children, elderly individuals or family members with allergies or asthma in your home, regular inspections are helpful in controlling indoor air quality.
  5. Go green by reducing your carbon footprint up to 30 percent. A more efficient HVAC system means less run time and less impact on the environment.
  6. If you purchased a new home or condo this year, now is a great time to sign up for Wyckoff’s Peace of Mind program. Ensuring your HVAC system remains clean and efficient from the start will extend the system’s lifetime.
  7. The Peace of Mind program covers two service visits twice per year for $168 plus tax, or as little as $14 per month.
  8. Filter changes, including filter and tax, cost $45 plus tax for program members.
  9. Peace of Mind participants enjoy a 15 percent discount on parts, accessories and labor.
  10. Avoid overtime charges for nights and weekends by joining the program.

For more information about Wyckoff Heating & Cooling’s Peace of Mind program, contact us at (515) 287-6000.