Cold winter days often keep us hunkered down indoors with a good book or movie. We crank up the furnace and sometimes take for granted that it’s already working overtime this season. The good news is, your furnace doesn’t need much to ensure it withstands the test of time, but the most important aspect you should pay attention to is the filter. Here’s why:

Your Furnace Is Hard At Work

The colder the temperatures outside, the longer and more frequently your furnace needs to run to compensate. This means the filter gets dirty faster, and can more easily overheat. Dirty filters decrease efficiency and increase your heating bill.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Nearly all premature heat exchanger cracks are the cause of overheating – from dirty air filters. How, you ask? Clogged air filters reduce airflow, overheating the exchanger and causing stress from expansion and contraction. Over time, that stress results in cracks in weak or welded areas. Cracked heat exchangers cannot be repaired, the must be replaced. Without a warranty, replacement can run up to $2,000. Don’t let the simple, inexpensive maintenance of replacing your furnace filter ruin your furnace.

Protect Your Family’s Safety

Cracked heat exchanges can cause several issues, including system failure, fire or a carbon monoxide leak. A crack allows air from the furnace blower to interfere with the flame. This typically trips the safety switch and shuts down the furnace. More dangerous yet, your furnace depends on the heat exchanger to contain carbon monoxide and safely transfer it to the chimney while dispensing heat to your home. A fractured heat exchanger can emit the gas and compromise your health.

Dirty Filters Negatively Impact Comfort And Air Quality

Dirty air filters allow dust and debris to build inside the unit and in your ductwork. Covered components present a host of problems, including freezing evaporator coils and blocked airflow, which will inhibit your system’s ability to maintain climate control. Excess debris in your ductwork can also compromise air quality, a heightened issue for those living with asthma, young children or elderly individuals.

It’s Easy

Life is constantly pulling us in different directions, and it’s often difficult to find the time to keep up on home maintenance. The good news is, changing your furnace filter takes less than three minutes of your time and can go a long way in protecting your HVAC system. Set a reminder on your calendar or come up with your own system to remember to change your filter every month. Just be sure to keep a close eye on it when temperatures reach extreme lows.

Take a few minutes this season to check your furnace filter, we guarantee you will experience the difference in your home comfort and energy bill. For questions regarding your furnace or HVAC system, contact Wyckoff Heating & Cooling at (515) 285-3111.

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