Iowans are accustomed to extremes in temperature, and we take every precaution to protect our families and homes from both the heat and freezing temperatures. During the summer months humidity coupled with intense heat has us looking for ways to cut down on the air’s heaviness, but humidity can, and should be, warmly welcomed in the winter. We experience dry skin and static electricity, but adding a humidifier to your home can aid in reducing health issues during the winter as well.

Consider the Reasons You May Opt For a Humidifier To Help Balance Moisture Levels In Your Home Before They Hit a Yearly-Low:

Reduce colds and allergies

Studies have shown viruses and bacteria travel best in humidity levels below 43 percent. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air which can keep levels up, help to limit the transmission of airborne viruses and keep your family healthy all winter long. Adequately humid homes also help to reduce symptoms of coughing and sneezing once they have already begun.

Improve sinuses

Winter air is known to dry out our sinuses, and in turn, our throats. This not only can lower resistance to bacteria but also increase the tendency to snore. By adding humidity to your home, you can get relief from sinus pressure and discover a good night’s sleep.

Cut down on energy bills

As an Iowan, you know moist air feels warmer than dry air. You experience it in during a warm shower or during the hot summer Use this knowledge to your advantage in the winter. Adding moisture to the air will make it feel warmer and more comfortable.

Get rid of dry, itchy skin

Do you or a family member suffer from cracked, dry or sensitive skin? Cold air extracts moisture from your skin that contributes to its elasticity. This results in dryness, flaking and accelerated aging. A humidifier can aid in combating these symptoms to keep your skin looking and feeling good throughout the coldest winter

Control static electricity

Dry air also contributes to static electricity. Are your clothes clinging to you constantly? Do you get shocked multiple times a day? Do your blankets have extra static? This is all due to dry winter air. Increasing the humidity in your home can help cut down on the static electricity in your home.

Protect your home

Winter air can damage, split and crack wood furniture, floors, doors and paint. You can take precaution by checking the humidity levels in your home. Wood responds negatively to too much or too little moisture. Adding a humidifier can increase the lifetime of home furnishings.

Contact us today to see what type of humidifier would benefit your home, and rest at ease knowing your home comfort, and health, are in good hands.