Are you worried about your fireplace performing safely and effectively this winter? Through Wyckoff’s Peace of Mind program, our certified technicians will perform a thorough inspection on your fireplace to ensure it keeps you and your family safe and warm this season. Routine maintenance, recommended annually, is key to catching potentially costly or dangerous repairs before they happen.

A Wyckoff fireplace tune-up includes essential safety checks of controls, operations and more, including:

  • Visual check of venting and chimney draw, where accessible
  • Check for proper ignition and combustion
  • Inspect for adequate combustion and ventilation air
  • Test fan operation and inspect blower wheel, if applicable
  • Check gas pilot safety system
  • Check for the presence of unsafe levels of carbon monoxide
  • Inspect and clean pilot assembly
  • Check system wiring for deterioration
  • Test gas valve and check for any gas leaks
  • Ensure functionality of remote control, if applicable
  • Clean interior and exterior of the fireplace glass

Additional cleaning and maintenance maybe needed for proper operation.*  These include:

  • Clean burners
  • Clean and vacuum burners
  • Check condition and operation of the safety switch
  • Test thermostat switch

Add an annual fireplace inspection to your list of to dos this season – and keep your family safe and comfortable all winter long. To schedule your Peace of Mind inspection today, contact us at (515) 287-6000.

*additional charge maybe required.

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