Do you ever wonder what most of our common service calls are a result of? Perhaps not, but at Wyckoff Heating & Cooling, we may be able to save you a service call and some money this season. Our hint – check your furnace filter.

With the record-breaking cold temperatures this year, your furnace has been working overtime. This includes your furnace filter. But what does this mean? A commonly overlooked aspect of furnace maintenance, your furnace filter plays a key role in the functionality of its daily performance. As your furnace runs longer periods of time, in turn, your filter gets dirtier faster and cannot filter air across the heat exchange. This results in overheating and potential shutdown altogether.

How can you ensure your filter is working properly? First and foremost, understand your filter’s lifetime. Although the time between filter changes varies from home to home, once a month is fairly accurate timeframe. However, several factors impact filter lifetime, including the type of filter you use, your home, pets and lifestyle habits.

Secondly, be sure you are using the correct filter for your furnace. The next time your provider inspects your furnace, have him or her tell you what filter is recommended based on your efficiency, static pressure, restriction and more.

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Don’t assume that expensive filters perform better! See for yourself in our filter comparison video.