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Training and Continuing Education at Wyckoff’s (VIDEO)

Hi, I’m Job Cooper with Wyckoff Heating and Cooling here today to talk to you about the training we continue to do here are Wyckoff Heating and Cooling. We bring our technicians, our installers usually on a monthly basis to go through training with different manufacturers, whether it be Lennox or Amana or Rheem or other companies, to help them stay up to date on current trends within the industry. To make sure that the methods that we using for installation and service areĀ  industry standards or exceeding industry standards. And also, in doing that, we help our installers and technicians acheive the continuing educations credits they need to retain their license. We are licensed by the state of Iowa, all our installers and technicians, and too keep that license they have to add continuing additives like many other industries. We do this, like I said, quite often. We bring the guys in just to make sure they have the knowledge that we need and they need to give the best possible service to our customers out there, so this is something we have done for quite a while and will continue to do it and it’s all in effort to put out the best product and be the best heating and cooling company that we can be here in Central Iowa. I appreciate your time today. Again, I’m Job Cooper with Wyckoff Heating and Cooling. You can give us a call at (515) 287-6000 or visit us on the web at www.wyckoffcomfort.com. Thank you for stopping by and visiting.

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