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Don’t “Fall” Behind – Complete Your Fall Tune-Up and Safety Check Today (VIDEO)

Hi, I am Job Cooper with Wyckoff Heating and Cooling, here in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s that time of year again – furnaces are up and running, and it is very important for you to have a service check and tune-up on your heating system.  You want to make sure your furnace is working properly and safely as we move into the winter season.

Today, we would like to give you a brief overview and walk you through the steps our technicians perform when completing a service and check tune-up here in central Iowa.

First, our technician records all of the customer’s information. The customer’s information is then sent to the technician digitally through his the phone, ensuring the accurate address and phone number is available. As an added bonus, we do contact our customers before we head their way to allow a half hour to hour lead time to make sure the service fits properly into their schedule. Upon arrival, the technician also records all of the equipment information (model and serial number, manufacture date, etc.) so that future maintenance and replacement parts can easily be prepared for upon equipment failure.

Upon opening the furnace, the technician will check all of the safety switching and the inducer motor, which reside in the upper compartment of the furnace. The pressure switch, any of the roll out switches and the inducer motor are the components that actually help rid your home of flu gases your furnace emits as it is combusting. The technician also checks the furnace burners and adjusts the gas levels as need be to ensure the proper burn and then measures the temperature rise off the furnace. Next, the technician will take a temperature reading of the incoming air as well as the outgoing air and compare that to the ideal manufacturer’s identified state. Whether it is 40 degrees to 60 degrees, our technicians make sure your furnace stays within the manufacture’s specification, not only safety reasons but also for efficiency reasons.

Next in the service and check process, our technician will check your furnace filter for cleanliness – and if it needs to be replaced, will do so as well. He will also check for condensation on newer furnaces. High efficient condensing furnaces actually produce moisture during the process of combustion, and if those hoses or the trap in the condensate get plugged it will cause the furnace to shut down for safety reasons. Our technicians make sure the condensate hoses and trap are clean of debris and that they are functioning properly.

As the technician moves to the lower compartment of the furnace, he will examine the circuit control board, or the “brains” of the furnace, to make sure it is clean, dust free and working properly. He will then move back to the lower motor itself to inspect for cleanliness and make sure it is operating properly.  Next, the technician will perform an amp draw on the motor to make sure it is within the manufacturer’s specification of how much electricity the blower should draw. Whether it is too high or simply dirty, the technician will provide insight on if there is restriction in your duct work or if the blower is wearing down and needs replacement.

Our technician will also check for carbon monoxide all around the unit and in the ductwork itself to make sure there is not any residing in your system.  Carbon monoxide is a common silent killer – and one of the main things we check for to make sure your furnace is operating safely. Our technician will verify that by doing a visual inspection as well as an electronic reading of the heat exchanger itself.

As our technician goes through the service and check tune-up, he always works through a checklist. We don’t want them to perform an inspection from memory, as your safety and equipment efficiency is important to us. Once he records the information on his checklist, we verify the data, bring it back into the office and record it in our computer system so we have your information on file if needed somewhere down the road.

If there is a humidifier present on the system, our technician will check its functionality and make sure the pad is in place and in good condition. He will also check the solenoid on the humidifier and the humidistat itself and to make sure it is operating properly, the water is releasing over the pad and that it is producing the necessary moisture and humidity as we go into wintertime.

As the technician moves upstairs, he will go through the different rooms and verify there is no carbon monoxide present in the air distribution system. He will have checked once already around the furnace, but will once again check room to room for any presence of carbon monoxide in the system.

Our technician will also verify proper operation of your system’s thermostat. From the switching to dials, buttons to accurate parameters, once your thermostat checks out, the technician has completed our inspection of the service and check system.

The final step in the process is perhaps the most important – we like to spend time with the customer to make sure we review all the different items we inspected and make sure they understand if there are any components that may not be functioning at 100 percent. Our technician will provide an overview of the service and check tune-up along with a detailed report of items that may need replacement in the future.

That completes the overview of the furnace service and check tune-up! We hope you found this informative and would like you to call Wyckoff Heating and Cooling at 515-287-6000 for any of your heating and cooling needs, or visit us on the web at wyckoffcomfort.com.

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