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Home Energy Audit Rebate Program (VIDEO)

Hi I’m Job Cooper with Wyckoff Heating and Cooling, here in Carlisle, Iowa, serving the greater Des Moines area. And today I would like to talk to you a little about saving some money and saving some energy.

There is a new exciting program out there, available through MidAmerican Energy, that will enable you to have an entire audit of your house and the energy consumption and things you can do to help save money and save energy. What you need to do is you just get a hold of Wyckoff Heating and Cooling at (515) 287-6000 and we will schedule a time for an independent home auditor provider to come out to your house and do a variety of inspections and tests.

One of the things they’re going to do is a comprehensive heat loss/heat gain on the house. This will show you exactly the size of the heating and cooling equipment that you need to have installed on your house, if you ever do replace that. They will do a full insulation inspection, so they will be able to tell you what the R-value of the insulation is, and the adding and sidewalls and if it’s going to save you more money to maybe add more insulation.

They’ll do a carbon monoxide test to see if there are possible harmful amounts of carbon monoxide in the house. They will also review the ductwork and see how leaky it is and if there are potential for energy savings there. They also do a thing called the lower door test. The lower door test will actually measure the infiltration rate, so it will tell you how leaky your house is.  That’s a huge way of saving money if you can seal up some of those areas where the house is real leaky.

This is a $150 cost. What’s nice about it though is that you will be refunded that money, or given that money back in a rebate form, from MidAmerican. They will send you a check for $150 to cover that cost of that audit.

At the time that the audit is complete, the contractor that did the rating will come out and go over some different options for you as far as ways to save money. It might be adding insulation; it might be caulking windows or doors, or replacing thresholds. It could be new heating or cooling equipment. But they will show you, as an independent contractor, the best areas to save money, where you’re going get the best bang for your buck.

So you just need to get a hold of us and we can arrange that, for the independent auditor to come out and do all the tests and have the rebate forms all set up for the MidAmerican rebate to cover the costs for that. So please give us a call at (515) 287-6000 or you can you visit our website at www.wyckoffcomfort.com.

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