Outdoor Fireplaces & Patio Heaters


If your home or business has a deck, patio or terrace, outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters are a great way to add comfort and warmth to the outdoors. Wyckoff Heating & Cooling has specialized in home comfort needs for more than 65 years. And we take that commitment one step further – to the outdoors – with our selection of Napoleon outdoor gas fireplaces from the intimate Patioflame to full-size hearths and grills.


  • Extend the outdoor season: Extend your entertaining season by several months with an outdoor fireplace or patio heater. Added warmth will keep you, your family and guests comfortable while enjoying the ambiance of the outdoors.
  • Placement and style options: Outdoor heating offers versatile placement and fuel options. Outdoor heaters can utilize several different fuels, including propane, natural gas or electricity. Outdoor heaters that use propane or electricity are available in portable and table top, standup or hanging models. Natural gas outdoor heaters are available in standing, in-ground and hanging models. 
  • Safe: Outdoor patio heaters do not produce an open flame, and the base of outdoor heaters stay cool to the touch – a benefit for those with children or pets. Our heaters also feature a safety tilt valve that automatically shuts the system off if it is ever tipped or blown over.
  • Affordable: Patio heaters provide all of the outdoor heating benefits you could want, at an affordable price. At Wyckoff, we have an array of heaters to fit any budget.
  • Value-add: An outdoor fireplace can increase your home’s resale value, and be a major selling point to potential buyers. Unique details that set your home apart can go a long way should you ever decide to move.

Customers can also choose from our selection of Continental fireplaces to get the most from your space. With our outdoor gas fireplace options, no venting or chimney is required. Choose from a variety of traditional and unique options and accessories such as a see-through or linear fireplace, outdoor torch, brick paneling, remote controls and more.


As Iowans, we love the outdoors, but Mother Nature often limits the time we are able to spend outside. Wyckoff can help you extend the outdoor season with the warmth generated from our PatioShwank series of portable and permanent-mount patio heaters.

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