Gas Stoves


 If you want the appearance and warmth of a wood stove but you don’t have readily available firewood, one of Wyckoff’s gas stoves may be the right fit for your home. Our selection of cast iron gas stoves provides you with the perfect blend of old world charm and high tech heating performance. Weather out a storm from the comfort of your home, as gas stoves don’t require electricity or light to operate. Plus, the top of your stove serves as a reliable heater that you can actually cook on.

We offer a wide selection of stoves from Lennox and Napoleon available in various styles and colors with modern options like remote controls.


  • Overcome ventilation challenges: Perfect for apartments, city homes or places that make ventilation difficult, gas stoves have all the advantages of wood burning fireplaces, but without the hassle. Gas stove utilize a millivolt ignition system, which allows them to operate without electricity. 
  • Operate with a thermostat: Using a gas stove is as simple as flipping a switch or setting a thermostat. A gas stove can easily become a valuable part of your heating system. As an added bonus, adjust the setting from the comfort of your chair with available remote controls.
  • Quick, easy maintenance: Gas stoves do not present a huge mess for you to clean-up after use. Except for routine maintenance, a gas stove requires a small amount of effort and upkeep. With no ash, soot or chimney to clean, gas stoves are a popular choice.
  • Effective: Although wood stove fires tend to reach higher temperatures, most of that heat not transferred to your home due to the absence of a heat exchanger. Gas stoves are typically attached to a heat exchanger, which helps them transfer heat throughout your entire house.

Safety is always our top priority. That’s why Wyckoff’s technicians are SAVE-certified to install gas stoves. 

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