Apprenticeship Program

Wyckoff Builds for the Future with Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeships are an invaluable opportunity for Wyckoff Heating & Cooling to not only recruit and retain talented individuals, but also provide the opportunity for young adults to learn a skilled trade. In 2010, Wyckoff began its partnership with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Association.

How the Program Works

  • Once an employee has been with the company for one year, that individual is eligible to enroll in the four-year, apprenticeship program.
  • Class start dates are available January through June of each year.
  • Wyckoff Heating & Cooling covers all tuition expenses up-front. The employee is responsible for covering costs of the program through a series of monthly deductions from their regular paycheck. No interest is charged to the employee.
  • Upon completion of the four-year program and state licensure, Wyckoff reimburses all paid program fees for the graduate. The employee must remain with Wyckoff Heating & Cooling for four years after completing the apprenticeship program to qualify for education reimbursement.

Why Apprentice

  • Be your best: When employees go through the apprenticeship program, both Wyckoff and the individual are making a commitment to one another. As a company, we train and develop our apprentices to become the best HVAC technician he or she can be.
  • Specialized training: Jobs that begin with an apprenticeship are highly skilled and in high demand. The HVAC industry is growing rapidly, and we need more team members. Utilize these valued credentials to launch your career.
  • Get paid to learn: As an employee-apprentice, you will be earning a paycheck during the learning process. Through a combination of hands-on training and book learning, you will learn valuable skills from the best.
  • Job security: With an apprenticeship, you’ll have the chance to gain the skills and technical know-how to become one of the best in your field. Start your career with skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime.

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