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What Wyckoff Customers Are Saying...

I wanted to give HUGE positive press to Wyckoff Heating & Cooling! Mike and Wes and the entire team at Wyckoff are absolutely awesome!I wanted to make sure everyone knows the amazing job that Wyckoff did replacing the heater in my home this week. We were without heat on Sunday morning, I called them first thing Monday, and we were setup to have the new unit installed on Tuesday. To top it off, they arranged for Mid American to come out this morning to evaluate the new furnace to see if we were eligible for the rebate. Because of the great job they did specifying the correct unit and installing it expertly, we will be receiving the rebate!I can't say enough good things about Wyckoff. These guys are great, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of upgrading their home's heading and cooling.

- Matt Dix