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What Wyckoff Customers Are Saying...

Couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a note about one of your competitors and what a miserable time he's had with them. I responded with "I've gone to Wyckoff's for years. They installed my latest air conditioner and furnace &added new duct work. I have a permanent notation on my account for the installation person that I like doing my check up work twice a year. Everything is always in writing, done honestly, complete, through and very courteous. I wouldn't deal with any other company!" As I was responding to him today I though...I need to send them a note or call them....Nope I'll just post this on their site. I worked in customer device for mrs then 40 yeas of my life. I know you ALWAYS hear the bad comments & rarely the good. Although I have always called you folks & told you this before...I want it on record...So happy you all run your business the way you do, hire who you hire & treat customers with teh up most respect. I've referred my friends and family to you because all of those reasons! Thanks for all you do!

- Kathy Corkery Battles